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Laugh With Mulla Nasruddin

Osho World Foundation dedicates one week to a glorious Sufi Mystic Mulla Nasruddin and celebrates a week of jokes, humour and laughter at the Osho World Galleria in Ansal Plaza. The Humour Week begins on 1st April and concludes on 7th April. And it would be inaugurated by the famous humourist poet Shri Surendra Sharma at 6.00pm on 1st April. 

In the Hindi states of India, if you think of laughter, chances are that the face of Surendra Sharma - the straight faced, glum looking poet - will spring to your mind. Surendra Sharma is a well-known name not just in the literary circles in India but among the masses as well. He has also travelled abroad extensively and entertained Indians away from their homeland. As a satirist his fame has reached far and wide and his works have caused many a laugh riots. An amazing fact about him is that although he makes all and sundry laugh, he himself seldom laughs and maintains a straight face most of the time. In fact it is this demeanour that a lot of people find amusing and so start giggling just by looking at him. An avid Osholover, he has regaled audiences at scores of Osho events.

About Mulla Nasruddin Osho says:
Mulla Nasruddin is a Sufi figure, one of the oldest figures of Sufi anecdotes, and he shows whatsoever I have been saying here: that the world is a cosmic joke -- he represents that. He is a very serious joker, and if you can penetrate him and understand him, then many mysteries will be revealed to you.

Mulla Nasruddin illustrates that the world is not a tragedy but a comedy. And the world is a place where if you can learn how to laugh you have learned everything. If your prayer cannot become a deep laughter which comes from all over your being, if your prayer is sad and if you cannot joke with your god, then you are not really religious.

Sufis are very playful; they created Mulla Nasruddin. And Mulla Nasruddin is an alive figure, you can go on adding to him -- I go on adding. If some day he meets me there is bound to be difficulty, because I go on creating around him.

To me he is a constantly alive figure, in many ways symbolic -- symbolic of human stupidity. But he knows it and he laughs at it, and whenever he behaves like a stupid man he is just joking at you, at human beings at large.

And he is subtle enough. He will not hit you directly, he hits himself; but if you can penetrate him then you can look at the reality. And sometimes even great scriptures cannot go as deep as a joke can go, because the joke directly touches the heart. A scripture goes into the head, into the intellect; a joke directly touches the heart. Immediately something explodes within you and becomes your smile and your laughter.

Some jokes:

Mulla Nasrudin and his wife went to Israel for their holidays and visited a nightclub in Tel Aviv. A comedian was on the bill who did his whole act in Hebrew. Nasrudin's wife sat through the comic's act in silence, but Nasrudin roared with laughter at the end of each joke.
"I did not know you understood Hebrew," she said to the Mulla when the comedian had concluded his act.
"I don't," replied Nasrudin.
"Well, how come you laughed so much at his jokes?"
"Oh," said Nasrudin, "I trusted him."

A friend of Mulla Nasruddin was talking to him. He said, 'My wife is an angel.'
Mulla said,'But mine is still alive.'

Mulla Nasruddin was brought to court. He was accused of telling a joke to his wife. When she heard the joke, said the police report, she exploded into laughter and laughed so hard that she died.
"I don't believe it," said the judge, who was a proper Englishman. "Tell the joke!"
Mulla tried to refuse, but the Englishman insisted "Tell the joke! I order you!"
So he told the joke and everybody exploded into laughter, and one by one they all died laughing -- except the Englishman, who died one week later!

Read Mulla Nasrudin as much as you can and try to understand him. He can be a great blessing to you because he teaches through humor. Each of his anecdotes is pregnant with tremendous meaning, but you will have to uncover it. That's why I say there are people who think him a fool. They simply read an anecdote and they laugh and they are finished. They think it is just a joke. It is not. No joke is just a joke. If you are wise you will look into it, exactly what is happening. And once you catch the glimpse of the inside meaning of it, you will be tremendously happy. You will become alert to a new dimension.

Mulla Nasrudin is now read in the Western countries also, but people are missing. They think these are just jokes. They are not. They are a device to teach you the sacred-most through humor. And it can be taught only through humor -- only through humor because only humor can relax you, and God can be known only in deep relaxation. When you laugh you disappear as an ego. When the laughter is really authentic, a belly laughter, when your whole body throbs with his orgasmic energy, when the laughter spreads on all of your being, when you are simply lost in it, you are open to God.

Serious people have never reached to God. They cannot. God won't take that risk. Hmm?... they will bore him to death.

                      23 Koreans meditate at Oshodham, New Delhi.

It was 2nd October, Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday—the national holiday of India. 23 Koreans of LG group working in Delhi decided to utilize their holiday for meditation at Oshodham. They used the same 9 to 5 working hours to learn the various meditation methods in a naturally beautiful ambience. Swami Chaitanya Keerti and Ma Dharm Jyoti conducted this meditation course of Prana Yoga, Vipassana, Heart Dance, Gibberish, Laughter, Nadbrahma and Kundalini--which the Koreans enjoyed thoroughly in the company of other 40 local participants. The course began with dancing on the melodious Tibetan mantra Om Mani Padme Hum. Also they listened to recorded audiotapes of Osho discourses on meditation. 

At the end of the course the Managing Director of this group thanked the Osho World Foundation and said that he would be sending his other employees for such meditation events.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti 
Osho World Foundation 
BG-09, Ansal Plaza 
Khelgaon Marg 
New Delhi-110049 
Tel. 91-11-626 1616/7
Fax 91-11-626 1618

News Release

As for Tagore, Osho's Works Must be Copyright Free
New Delhi, 2 Jan 2002

The waiving of restrictive copyright on the works of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore will set them free for the entire world to appreciate the heritage of this mystic poet who is India's only Nobel Laureate in literature. In the same vein, like the message of all Buddhas. Osho's works need to be immediately freed from the clandestinely registered copyrights and patents in the U.S.A. and Switzerland.
In fact, this step was long overdue as the Berne Copyright Convention of 1886 - now over a century old - requires the revision of the grace period from 50 years to ten years due to the development of instant communication in this age of the Internet.
Tagore's sublime and inspirational works have been freed from the shackles of copyright for the benefit of everyone everywhere. The same must be done for Osho's works.
The statement by Ms Bela Banerjee, Joint Secretary, Copyright and Languages, is commendable as it emphasized that this copyright ownership expiry would be a boon to artistes and the printing and publishing of Tagore's works in India and abroad. She saw no reason to fear the substandard production of Tagore's works.
It is encouraging to note that the Indian media in numerous editorials has also welcomed this step in the public interest. In the same spirit, Osho World Foundation is striving to bring the works of the enlightened mystic Osho into free domain for the maximum possible dissemination. Osho has described Tagore as 'the heart of India''. Says Osho,"
"Saa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye..' Whatever liberates you is true knowledge, declare the Upanishads. Osho's insights and meditation techniques fall in this category of leading one to liberation and thus must be free from the fetters of copyright.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation
BG-09, Ansal Plaza
Khelgaon Marg
New Delhi-110049


Beloved Osho Friends
We are publishing Osho World Hindi monthly magazine from New Delhi. We have got a very limited number of Osho photos and we certainly need more for the magazine.
Osho is the most photographed enlightened mystic of all times – and the most handsome one. I know that thousands of Osho lovers around the world have got his photos in their possession. I request them to share these photos with the new Osho lovers and readers of this monthly. This will encourage us also to start the magazine in English sooner or later.
We can return the original photos after scanning them.

Yours in Osho

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation
Ansal Plaza, Khelgaon Marg,
New Delhi 110049 India
Phone: 91-11-626 1616


Osho World Foundation's web site www.oshoworld.com 
is ready to upload lots of new things including Osho World Hindi monthly magazine and some special features like Ecards, Wallpapers and Screensavers. Osho is an Invitation. Osho World is a Meditation in the Marketplace and a Lifestyle of Meditation and Celebration.


Osho is an Invitation:
I am an invitation for all those who are seeking, searching, and have a deep longing in their hearts to find their home.
I am an answer to the question that everybody is, but cannot formulate -- a question that is more a quest than a question, more a thirst than a verbal, mental inquiry; a thirst that one feels in every cell and fiber of his being, but has no way to bring to words and ask.
Osho: The Invitation

Osho Teaches Rebellion:
We have tried all things. We have created ladies and gentlemen, and they didn't prove to be much. We have changed societies, we have tried utopias -- they have all failed. Reform has failed, revolution has failed.
Rebellion has never been tried on a large scale. And whenever it has been tried on a small scale, it has always succeeded. With Buddha it succeeded: thousands of people went through rebellion, became new. With Jesus it succeeded, with Lao Tzu it succeeded, with Krishna it succeeded. success has always been with rebellion, but very few people... It has never been on a large scale. It has never gripped the soul of humanity. And that is where work is needed now.

The greater part of humanity has to be given the vision of awareness, rebellion, only then can man really become human. Man is only human for the name's sake; he is not yet human, because those humane qualities which make a man human are missing, are lacking. They are not there. Compassion is not there, love is not there, meditation is not there. The prayer, the gratitude is not there, the celebration is not there. In short, God is not there.
Man is an empty temple: the God is missing. And God will go on being missing unless your seed dissolves and you start sprouting into God. God is your growth!
Remember, God has not to be found somewhere outside -- not in the Himalayas, not in Jerusalem, not in a monastery; God has to be evolved in you, God has to be your growth. It is not an object outside that you are going to meet some day. Unless you become it you will never meet it. Only by becoming it, you will meet it.
Osho: I Say Unto You

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Cover Story of Life Positive Magazine:
The Rollercoaster Ride to Enlightenment
Eleven years after Osho's death, his popularity shows no signs of waning. His unique charisma still captivates many, but what is his enduring contribution to the spiritual quest?



Monopolization of Sahaj Yoga Failed

Thirty three years ago a small booklet containing one interview with Osho was published and it was titled: Yoga As A Spontaneous Happening. The price of that booklet that time was only two Rupees.

The Hindi word Sahaj means spontaneous. Mata Nirmala Devi Shrivastava who attended one of Osho Meditation Camps in Nargol, Gujarat in 1969 became a world famous Kundalini Awakening guru later. You can read more about this Mataji in Osho book "Goose Is Out"--discourse number 6. In an answer to my question, Osho talks about her how she became the Guru.

Here's the judgement of the Sahaj Yoga website dispute, which was sent to me from USA.

JUDGEMENT from WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center

Excerpts from a recent judgement which dismissed the Complaint of the Sahaja Yoga organization against a group of its ex-members, who had taken as a domain name something very similar to that of the main org. Included are the points made by Respondent and most of the terms of the judgement. Paragraphs in navy blue contain arguments hinging on peculiar weaknesses of Complainant's case deemed not to be relevant in general to similar cases.
Note the reliance on the precedent in blue from last year of osho.com's failed complaint against oshoworld.com.

more under: http://www.globalserve.net/~sarlo/Ysahajapolitix.htm

download the full file as word document: klick here

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Meditate on Jokes and Celebrate!
Perhaps I am the first man in the whole history of mankind who has been using jokes as a preparation for meditation. Jesus would not laugh; Buddha will not laugh; Lao Tzu is not heard to have ever laughed... They were serious people, and they were doing serious work!
Osho: The Invitation

Existence smiles when you smile, and when you are serious you are alone. Existence does not bother about your seriousness. If you want the whole world with you, just smile, and look all around and you will see trees smiling, and the flowers smiling. And at least when you are entering into meditation, it is good to enter with a smiling heart.
I have used jokes for the first time in the whole history of mankind, because such beautiful jokes... and nobody has used them for meditation. And they create such a good feeling all around, that one becomes courageous enough. A laughing heart is more courageous than a serious one. A serious heart doubts, hesitates, thinks twice. The laughing one is the heart of the gambler, he simply jumps in. And meditation is a question of jumping into the unknown.
Osho: Matzu, The Empty Mirror

Jokes are tremendously important in a way. Jokes are not simple phenomena; they are really mysterious, their mechanism is mysterious. You don't know how a joke works, how it goes deep into your depths, how it brings laughter to you, how it brings wakefulness to you. The mechanism IS mysterious.
A joke functions almost like a sexual orgasm. It is not accidental that many jokes ARE concerned with sex. Jokes as such are basically sexual for the simple reason that the joke creates a build-up of energy in you, a great curiosity about what is going to happen, because a joke is a joke only when something unexpected happens, when it takes such a sudden turn that logically you could not have conceived it; it was inconceivable. And it takes the turn so quickly and so suddenly that it does not give you time enough to think about it. Because there is no time to think... Mind needs time.
The joke goes on towards the south and then suddenly turns towards the north: your mind goes on moving towards the south, but the joke has taken a turn towards the north so suddenly that the mind halts. In that very halt there is an experience of silence, of meditation.
The same happens in sexual orgasm: a certain energy is built up in you, a certain tension is built up in you. You go on moving upwards, upwards, upwards, and then comes a sudden relaxation, a sudden release. It is so sudden - it happens in a single moment - the mind stops, the mind disappears for a moment. It is not conceivable for the mind. The mind needs time.
If you understand the joke you will miss the whole point. If you can understand where it is going, what the logical end of it will be, then it will not be a joke for you. Whatsoever you understand from the very beginning is not going to be the end; the end is going to be absolutely unpredictable.
That's the beauty of a joke; it shocks you, shakes you, it wakes you up. It is impossible to remain asleep when a beautiful joke is being told.
Buddha goes on telling his disciples, "Wake up!" What is the need? I simply tell a joke and they wake up! And that is far more existential.
Osho: Tao, The Golden Gate

Osho invites you to meditate with jokes and celebrate your life.
So click on the jokes on this site.

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In a widely applauded decision, the National Arbitration Forum denied a complaint from Osho International Foundation (OIF) , in which OIF requested that the domain name OSHOWORLD.COM be transferred from Osho Dhyan Mandir, (a meditation center in New Delhi) to OIF. Despite the fact that OIF holds multiple trademark registrations for the name OSHO, the arbitrator found that OIF has no rights in the name OSHO, while Osho Dhyan Mandir has rights in both OSHO and OSHOWORLD.COM.

The decision is an important victory for freedom of expression. The arbitrator stated that granting OIF's request to strip the operators of OSHOWORLD.COM of the right to use the name "would be as improper as doing the same with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism or any of the several hundred other of the world's religions and/or spiritual movements." The arbitrator also asserted that Osho Dhyan Mandir's use of OSHOWORLD.COM was protected by the United States Constitution, the Constitution of India, and the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The decision is also important because it demonstrates that trademark law can and should be applied to the Internet. OIF claimed that its trademark registrations gave it exclusive rights to use the name OSHO on the Internet. The evidence, however, clearly showed that OSHO did not serve as a source indicator for OIF. Instead, people widely understand OSHO to refer to Osho, the man, and his spiritual movement. Because the purpose of a trademark is to act as a source indicator, and OSHO does not indicate OIF as the source of anything, the arbitrator stated that OIF does not have exclusive rights in the name OSHO, despite its trademark registrations. The decision reaffirms that when an alleged trademark fails to serve as a source identifier, it is available for use by everyone, and that no one can claim exclusive rights in it.

"This is a victory for freedom of speech and religion and will prevent the monopolization on the Internet by those wishing to 'own' the names of religions and teachers," said MARK I. FELDMAN of PIPER MARBURY RUDNICK & WOLFE, the lawyer for OSHOWORLD.COM.

--> Full text of court decision

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An insight into the world of Osho: The Real Man of the Millennium.
The book is written and edited by Ma Chetan Unmani and Swami Chaitanya Keerti.
The first edition has been sold out in three months. Now the second edition has been published.
For inquiries please contact: [email protected]
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