In Romance With Life – A One-stop Shop

' Nobody wants you to know that life is simply romance. And that is my crime – because that is my whole teaching, that life is nothing but romance. '
Osho: Satyam Shivam Sundaram

What is meditation? How does one meditate? Why do we need to meditate? Are there meditation techniques that we can experiment with? – all the questions one always asks but never has the time the time or patience to find out. The Osho Way - In Romance with life written by Swami Chaitanya Keerti is like a one-stop shop – providing answers to all these questions and more. 

The book, a compilation of published articles written by the author over the past few years, provides delightful reading.

In Romance With Life is indeed an apt title for the book, which takes you on an interesting journey of quotes, stories, meditation techniques, and more. The articles have been woven together with great care to provide a lucid flow to the book. What makes the book more interesting is the fact that each chapter is complete unto itself and yet magically in flow with the next. The language is simple, the chapters are short – and that provides easy reading.

Having lived the vision of the enlightened master Osho, the author has deftly dealt with topics of life and meditation. The author who has been the editor-publisher of many Osho books, has in a subtle way encapsulated  his Master’s vision in this book. The book serves as an effective tool in whipping the readers appetite to know more about meditation.

The book begins with a short chapter called the Alchemy of Meditation, which explains the benefits of meditation without overselling the concept. It (meditation) is the key to making life healthier, more joyful, more creative, more compassionate. This chapter sets the right tone for the book. As one proceeds through the chapters titled The Journey Within, Living with Awareness, Recharging Yourself - it is like being gently led into Meadows of Meditation ( which is, in fact, also the title of one of 
the chapters).

A New Chain of Smoke is a very interesting chapter in which the author shares an incredible technique given by Osho, which helps smokers, decide whether to continue or quit smoking. It is about making smoking a meditation.. Breathing away your anger is another chapter which most of us would want to read.

Ancient Zen stories told in the book provide insight into some modern day problems.

The reader’s understanding of meditation increases as he goes through the book. And one is tempted to try the simple hints that can help one relax - going out in nature and hugging a tree, Meditation and Journalism is a chapter that catches the attention of the reader. What has meditation got to do with journalism? Journalism can be very harmful to the health of 
society if it is not done meditatively, warns the author. Is the fourth 
estate listening?

The book certainly helps the reader to widen his understanding of what have been mere words till now – words like guru, vipasanna, Buddha, freedom, love, relaxation, laughter and more.

In his engrossing and captivating introduction to the book, Dr. Naresh  Trehan, talks about the connection between the body and the mind and his own experiences of some patients recovered faster than others. About the book he says “ we hope the meditations in this book help you on your path. So you have nothing to lose but your junk. Joy awaits you, if you have the courage to the journey…”

So do you have the courage to learn the technique of romancing life? If yes, this book is definitely for you.
(A Book Review by Ma Jeevan Sangeeta)

The book is available at Osho World Galleria, New Delhi)