1. An Insight into the Wonderful World of Osho (Ashvina Vakil)
  2. Love and Freedom (Maneesha)
  3. A Great Adventure (Suparni)
  4. A Wholesome Way (Anupa)
  5. Vision 2000 (Garimo)
  6. Meditation: The Central Message (Jivan Mary)
  7. Keeping Osho — 24 Karat Gold (Satya Vedant)
  8. New Vision for the New Millennium (Deva Jayapal & Anand Savita)
  9. The Most Enlightened Man of the Millennium (Dr. Rajan B. Bhonsle, M.D.)
  10. Interview with Swami Devageet, Osho’s Personal Dentist
  11. The Real Man of the Millennium (Devageet)
  12. He’s the Greatest (Satya Vedant)
  13. From Mind to Awareness (Prem Tanu)
  14. Going for the Diamonds (Shivam Suvarna)
  15. Relaxing into the Energyfield (Puja Abhijat)
  16. Multiversity: Preparation for Meditation (Yogendra)
  17. The Way of the Heart (Yoga Neelam)
  18. I am born again (Bodhi Pratiyan)
  19. Osho doesn’t Qualify (John Hogue)
  20. Khushwant Singh on 10 People who have Changed the Destiny of India
  21. Online Meditation
  22. From Darkness to Light (Gyan Vistara)
  23. Hang Loose (Ashvina Vakil)
  24. Osho : Master, Mystic and Mad Man (Amit Jayaram)
  25. Innermost Core of Eternity (Anasha)
  26. Osho’s People (Arun Bhabani)
  27. An Affair Not of This World (Deva Priya)
  28. An Inner and Outer Adventure (Rajeeta Shah)
  29. Swami Nivedano’s Letter
  30. I was Waiting for You (Seeta)
  31. Laughter Kills Stress (India Darshan)
  32. Gift of a Beautiful Life (Fatima Ahmed)
  33. Notes from a Flute (Prem Sawhney)
  34. A New Adventure Begins (Ms. Akash Dharmaraj)
  35. Moments from an Inexplicable Life (Deva Rashid)
  36. Osho the Artist (Vinita Deshmukh)
  37. A Greater Dream of a New Humanity (Sumitra Naren)
  38. Two Tales - One Story (Pierre Evald)
  39. The Blue Boy Sannyasin (Fali Heerjee)
  40. My Life with Osho - Early Impressions of the Commune (Shashi)
  41. World Teacher (Interview with Lama Karmapa)
  42. Welcoming the 17th Lama Karmapa
  43. Meeting with the Master (Chaitanya Keerti)
  44. Some Comments About Osho
  45. Acknowledgements