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Osho Today (Past Press coverage) 
• The Star, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

• Kabir Week at Osho World: Malashri Prasad Sings Bhajans of this Mystic    

• Old Rajneesh Commune Lightens Up in Afterlife - By AMY WALDMAN

• The supreme blessing of my Life - Thomas Pope 

• Meditation Camp at Dharali, Gangotri   

• Lord Krishna Reigns Supreme at Osho World Celebration (News Release, August 26)

• Osho World celebrates the spirit of Eternal India (News Release, August 14)

• Osho World Foundation Hosts Ganga Network Workshop (News Release, May 14)

• Days of uncreative sanyas are over (News Release, May 10)

• Mulla Nasrudin Celebrates Osho World's Mirthday! (News Release, April 1)

• Mulla Nasruddin Immortalised in Bronze (News Release, March 30)

• April Fool’s Day – No, Mulla Nasrudin Day! (News Release, March 30)

• The true art of love: Rise in love (News Release, February 15)

• Celebrating life is living life intensely (News Release, January 17)

• Now, row at commune over celebrations  (News Release, January 17)

• Love & meditation: Two sides of same coin  Two sides of same coin  Two sides of same coin  (News Release, March 30)

• Trimurti of Maths, Music, Meditation (News Release, March 30)

• As for Tagore, Osho's Works Must be Copyright Free
(News Release, January 2, 2002)

• Meditations: Laugh like a Buddha, for life is laughable
by Chaitanya Keerti (Hindustan Times, December 27, 2001)

• Osho: A Mystic And Divine Life (Inditimes.com, Dec. 2001)

• War Signifies Lust For Power by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (Inditimes.com, Dec. 2001)

• `Best Poet' at just 21 (Times of India, 1 Dec.)

• Guru Nanak Week inaugurated to mark Gurpurab (UNI, 27 Nov.)

• HEAVEN’S ON SALE IN KOREGAON PARK (Times of India, 24 Nov.)

• Let There Be Light, compiled by Chaitanya Keerti (Indiatimes.com, 17 Nov.)

• Bhagwan’s Secretary (Indian Express, November 3, 2001)

• Wisdom, compiled by Chaitanya Keerti (Indiatimes.com, November 2001)

• ‘Osho Keeps on Giving me Energy’ – Hans Raj Hans (News Release, 8 Nov.)

• He added a ‘creative dimension’ to meditation by Amit Agnihotri
(Times of India, 3 November)


• At the launch of oshworld.com, it's EINSTEIN THE BUDDHA (News Release, 16 Oct.)

• Science tempered by spirituality is key to civility (Hindustan Times, 16 October)


• Desperately Needed Now: 'Einstein The Buddha' (News Release, 11 October)

• Pivko’s palace of creative space (Times of India, 6 October)

• Religion Of Sane People Is Love by Chaitanya keerti (Times of India, 6 October)

• Spiritual imprints from the canvas of life (Hindustan Times, 6 October)

• Ma Yoga Neelam shares the love of Osho (First City, October 2001)

• Pyrimads in Pune (Times of India, 2 October 2001

• Oshoites come up with piece de resistance (Times of India, 30 Sept. 2001)

• Members of the Osho World pray on Thursday for the victims of the terrorist attacks in the US (www.rediff.com, September 2001)

• Respond to a situation, don't react to it by Chaitanya Keerti
(The Hindustan Times, Sept. 29, 2001)

• Solace in the Aftermath by Chaitanya Keerti (indiatimes.com, 29 Sept 2001)

• Osho Commune foray into real estate (The Times of India, 30 Sept 2001)

• Universal love in the times of terrorism by Chaitanya Keerti
(Hindustan Times, 17 September)

• Osho World Meditates for Victims of Terrorist Attacks in USA (News Release, 14 Sept)

• A dance with Krishna by Chaitanya Keerti (Indian Express, Sept 13)

• Osho Disciples to Celebrate Neo-Sannyas Day on 26th September

• Taking God on Trust by Swami Chaitanya Keerti
(Indian Express, August 30)

• Sing a new prayer to the Almighty daily by Swami Chaitanya Keerti
(Hindustan Times, 29 August)

• Enlightened person’s sphere of influence by Swami Chaitanya Keerti
(Hindustan Times, 20 August)

• Kathak King Celebrates Dancing God Krishna (News Release, 14 August)

• Advani meditates, says he was influenced by Osho (PTI News, August 13)

• Osho: Most Original Thinker of India - Advani (News Release, 13 August)

• Home Minister Advani to Inaugurate ‘India My Love Week’ at Osho World Galleria (News Release, 11 August)

• Lord Krishna and the art of total living (The Hindustan Times, 7 August)

• Osho has interpreted Lord Krishna for the new century,
Vice President Krishan Kant (News Release, August 7)

(Asian Wall Street Journal, Hongkong, 6 August)

• Meditation for Transformation by Chaitanya Keerti (dehli123.com, July 25)

• Cover Story of Life Positive Magazine: The Rollercoaster Ride to Enlightenment
Eleven years after Osho's death, his popularity shows no signs of waning. His unique charisma still captivates many, but what is his enduring contribution to the spiritual quest? (July 2001)

• Madding crowd by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (The Pioneer, July 13)

• The inner light by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (Indian Express, July 19)

• Osho is still driving everyone crazy!? by Vinita Deshmukh (Indian Express: July 16)

• The Great Spiritual Masters Of India - OSHO: The Master who questioned the traditions (spiritualindia.com, July 15)

• Osho World Celebrates a Dancing God during Krishna Week (News Release, July 13)

• Osho’s Message for PM Vajpayee and President Musharraf

• The Guru-Disciple Relationship by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (Indiatimes, Spirituality, July)

• The Guru Awakens & Heals the Mind by SWAMI CHAITANYA KEERTI
(Times of India, July 5)

• Celebrate Guru Purnima With A Loving Tribute to a Disciple: Ma Vivek, Osho's attendant later known as Ma Nirvano

• God is not the equal of my guru by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (The Hindustan Times, 4 July)

• Cleansing within, the Osho Way (The Hindustan Times, 26 June)

• Osho World Celebrates FULL MOON OF THE MONSOON (News Release, 28 June)

• Fathers and sons, A programmed conflict? by Chaitanya Keerti
(Indian Express, June 28, 2001)

• Meditation: A Way Of Life by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (Indiatimes, Spirituality, June)

• Osho World Invites Mehdi Hassan: His Longing goes deeper than his native village
(News Release, June 14)

• Don't be a prisoner of prejudice by Swami Chaitanya Keerti
(Weekly Column in THE HINDUSTAN TIMES, June 11)

• When the twain shall MEET (The PIONEER, June 8)

• Zorba The Greek is Dead. Zorba The Buddha Lives for Ever!
(News Release, June 6)

• Learn To Live Like A Lotus (The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, June 4)

• Kushwant answers on the subject of OSHO (www.tehelka.com, June)

• Meditation in the Marketplace (www.delhi123.com, June)

• Living is love (The Hindustan Times, Chandigarh, May 29)

• Playing the 'MAD' Game with Kabir (News Release, May 18, 2001)

• Kiran Bedi inaugurates week-long meditation and Buddha discourses (123india.com, May 3, 2001)

• Vipassana Meditation in Full Uniform! (News Release)

• Buddha's Message for Bill Gates (News Release)

• Digital Nirvana - Exhibition of Digital Art and Photographs (News Release)

• At the still centre of the spinning world (Independant.co.uk, April 28,2001)
"Brainwashed?" said Nellie "I've hardly washed anything since I've been here"'

• After rejecting a Kama Sutra (Notitarde (Spanish), April 22, 1998)

• Nirvana no longer comes with passion by Dabashis Battacharyya (The Telegraph, April 16, 2001)

• Bhagwans with a brand by Ashok Banker (The Pioneer, April 2001)

• You're not the only one....? (Indian Express Pune, April 9, 2001)

• These feet are meant for dancing... (Times of India, Delhi, April 4, 2001)

• PM launches Osho World magazine (Nav Bharat Times, April 2001)
Article 1   Article 2

• No, India will resist Americanization (Newsweek, April 3, 2001)

• Quake-hit Gujarat theme for Mallika Sarabhai's 'Tandav' (United News of India, April 2, 2001)

• Mallika's reason to live by Shana Maria Verghis (The Pioneer, April 2, 2001)

• Agony Adds Spirit To Mallika’s Art (Hindustan Times, April 3, 2001)

• Prime Minister Vajpayee Appreciates Osho World Foundation (News Release, April 2, 2001)

• People of Gujarat need togetherness by Vinod Khanna (EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE, March 29, 2001)

• Give Women A Chance To Establish Peace by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (The Times of India, March 3, 2001)

• Gurdaspur heals wounds of Gandhidham (The Hindustan Times, March 1, 2001)

• Awareness - The Key To A Happy Life, by Chaitanya Keerti (Indiatimes, Spirituality, March 2001)

• Meditation is celebration. Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Director of Osho World, elucidates to FC2 (FIRST CITY, NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY)

• Noyonika’s Niece Is An Osho Admirer (Hindustan Times, January 27, 2001)

• Truth has many facets by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (Indian Express, January 11, 2001

• 'Haasyamev Jayate!' - Only Laughter Wins! - Laughter Day turns into Laughter Week 2001 (News Release, January 2, 2001)

• Come, Celebrate Jesus Week (News Release, December 19, 2000)

• Interview with Sonal Mansingh (December 14, 2000)

• One of the Greatest Communicators of this Century: Osho
-Arun Jaitley (NEWS RELEASE, Dec. 11, 2000) including pictures

• Bad Remembering (Suvarna says on the www.sannyas.net, December 14, 2000)

• Remembering the master’s voice, Santanu Borah remembers Osho
(Dishnet DSL, December 13, 2000)

• Meditation and Celebration (Hindustan Times, December 9, 2000)

• TEA LOUNGE BY VINITA DESHMUKH (Indian Express: Pune Newsline : Dec 4, 2000)
more on the controversy of Osho's leaving the body

• Osho disciples petition NHRC (www.rediff.com, Dec 11, 2000 by B B Nagpal in New Delhi)
also in the Times of India: Osho disciples move rights panel over entry ban, Dec 12, 2000

• Osho disciples petitions NHRC over denial of entry in Ashram (India World, Dec. 12, 2000)

• THE most controversial yet great spiritual mystic of the 20th century, Osho, may have left his body since the past one decade, but he and his commune continue to be peppered with controversy, off and on.
TEA LOUNGE by Vinita Deshmukh (Indian Express: Pune Newsline : Nov 27, 2000)


• Dr. Manmohan Singh to Inaugurate Guru Nanak Week at Osho World (wah-tv with video, Nov 17)

• Osho World devoted last week to a celebration of Guru Nanak Devji
(Indian Express, Excerpt from the Editorial, November 13)

• Spiritual watering hole (GULF NEWS, Living, November 7 , 2000

• Guru Nanak, Osho will keep inspiring world: Manmohan (The Asian Age, 7 November, 2000

• Excerpts from a live chat with Director, Osho World Foundation, Swami Chaitanya Keerti
(www.indiatimes.com, 20 October, 2000 Friday 3.00 to 4.00pm)

• Whose Commune is it anyway? (Citadel Pune, October 12, 2000)

• Word from Panchgani - You can't can Osho's teachings (Indian Express, October 12, 2000)

• Osho International climbs down high horse (Indian Express, October 11, 2000)

• Osho rebels sound cyber war cry! (Indian Express, October 10, 2000)

• Osho Copyright tiff intensifies as rebels release audio CD (The Times of India, October 7, 2000)

• Haiku Spirit - Dance Trance: Citaristi performing (India Today Magazine, October 9, 2000)

• Home Minister Advani Launches Osho Discourses on CD (News Release, October 5)

• Haikus & butterflies (Pioneer Arts, October 2, 2000)

• Haikus, Osho and Changing images of Dance (The Hindustan Times, October 2, 2000

• Press Council of India Ruling (September 26, 2000)

• Straight Answers (The Times of India: Pune Times,September 15, 2000)

• Instant Connectivity
(Rahul Chandawarkar, Times of India: Pune Times, September 6, 2000)

• Copyright - Swami Vinod promises 'heroic' act (The Indian Express, September 6, 2000)

• Millennium Peace Summit another UN Circus (News Release, 30 August 2000)

• Indian Government Alerted to Patenting Osho (News Release, August 22, 2000)

• Plenty of room to bloom (Times of India online, August 15)

• When books work better than shrinks... by Smeeta Mishra Pandey
(Times of India online, August 13)

• The disciple who failed by Swami Chaitanya Keerti (Indian Express, August 11, 2000)

• Osho Commune loses major battle over domain registration

• Cakewalk for Osho rebels in round one (VINITA DESHMUKH, Indian Express, August 2, 2000)

• Patent Perfidy (Times of India online, July 31, 2000)

• A spiritually incorrect mystic by Khushwant Singh (The Tribune, India, July 22, 2000)

• Under the sign of Mammon (German daily newspaper "Die Tageszeitung", July 20, 2000)

• War Of  The Sanyasins Ma Neelam Bares All! (Citadel, The Pune City Magazine, July 2000)

• More rumbles in commune as Swami Vinod Bharati bristles

• From Osho's Ashram To Digital Nirvana (Hindustan Times, May 19)

• Commotion in the commune (The Statesman, July 12)

• Osho Copyright: Devotees question copyright on meditations, consciousness
(by B. B. Nagpal, July 11, UNI)

• Fight over Bhagwan's heritage divides his following (Der Spiegel, July 10, 2000 )

• Osho Commune 'bans' 7 key Indian disciples (Indian Express, July 6)

• Oshoites lambast coterie for commercialising commune (PRESS TRUST OF INDIA, July 1)

• Veil of secrecy lifts - Osho commune's controls shift to New York (Indian Express, June 30)

• Riddle no more - Commune controls exist in New York (Indian Express, June 29)

• Dotted out of the Osho domain (Times of India, June 30)

• OSHO'S LEGACY: Royalty Ruckus (India Today, July 2000)

• Author criticises Osho disciple's entry into commune (The Times of India, June 25)

• Amrita Pritam condemns ban on Osho secy (news.sawaal.com, June 24, 2000)

• Amrita Pritam defends former Osho secretary (rediff.com, June 24, 2000)

• 'Withdraw trademark on Osho's name' (EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE, June 26, 2000)

• "Three guys in New York can’t hijack Osho’s legacy”
Encounters - Interview with Chaitanya Keerti by Pritish Nandy

• Discontentment in Osho Commune (DECCAN HERALD, Friday, June 23, 2000)

• Big trouble in Osho Commune (rediff.com US Edition, June 22, 2000)

• Dictators sitting in ivory tower are destroying the commune - Sarjano by Vinita Deshmukh
(The Indian Express, June 22, 2000)

• Ma Neelam denied entry in Commune and Swami Sahajanand retaliates against Ma Neelam's charges
(Indian Express, June 21, 2000)

• Osho commune in Pune in new controversy (Yahoo! India News, June 21, 2000)

• Osho commune heading for split by Abhay Vaidya
(The Times of India News Service, June 26, 2000)

• OSHO BELONGS TO NEW YORK, ZURICH OR INDIA? The Times Of India ( 10 June, 2000)