Ole Ole Malaysia Bole: Osho Bole

I saw these words written on a door of a car while I was traveling in Kuala
Lumpur recently. These words convey a spirit of celebration-and this is what 45
meditators felt deeply during a recent meditation camp conducted by Osho
disciple, Swami Chaitanya Keerti.
The participants were mainly of Chinese origin, and half a dozen people of
Indian origin.
Prior to the event, Swami Chaitanya Keerti gave a talk on "The Osho Way: In
Romance With Life" in the audiotorium of Chinese Daily Sin Chew, which was
attended by 70 people of Chinese origin.
Next day Swami Chaitanya Keerti presented  India My Love, Osho book to Indian
High Commissioner to Malaysia Mr. Narayan.

The event began on the evening of 22nd April with an introduction about the camp
followed by Osho Nataraj meditation. The participants were advised to dance so
totally that the dance and dancer become one, and the dancer disappears in the
dance. After 40 minutes of dance they lied down for 20 minutes with closed eyes
and felt deeply relaxed.
Next morning very early they came to do Osho Dynamic meditation in which the
participants are supposed to do vigorous and chaotic breathing, catharsis to
release their pent up emotions, and shout hoo-hoo in the third step. Everybody
did this with maximum energy. Had the doors of the hall were open, you could
have heard their loud screams from distance of many miles. In the fourth step
they were frozen into deep silence for 15 minutes and in the last step of 15
minutes they celebrated upsurge of a fresh energy in their being.

Next, the participants were taken out into a vast beautiful garden nearby where
they were taught rhythmic breathing and awareness walk, known as Vipassana Walk
or Buddha Walk.
After the breakfast at about 10.00 am they listened to Osho audio-taped
discourse on meditation followed by Osho Nadbrahma meditation. Again there was a
dancing meditation for half an hour before lunch.

In the afternoon session starting 2.30pm there was a question-answer interactive
session followed by Gibberish meditation. After the tea-break at 4.30pm there
was Osho Kundalini meditation of energetic shaking, dancing and silence. The day
ended with evening satsang of watching Osho on video and listening to his
audio-taped discourse.
More or less this was the program for three days from 7.00am to 9.00pm, except
on the last day there was a great celebration of Osho Neo-Sannyas in which 16
people got initiated. Each initiated one  got a new name and a mala with a
locket of Osho picture. The organiser of this camp Wensy Goh became Ma Deva Tara
and her assistant Sherab Wong became Swami Manjushree. They intend to open an
Osho center in Malaysia on coming Buddha Purnima, on 3rd May. The same night
they will be doing a Full Moon meditation as taught by Osho.

The Malaysians have already planned another such meditation camp in October when
Swami Chaitanya Keerti will lead this camp on Sharad Purnima. Three participants
from Singapore had also joined in this camp and there is a possibility of a
similar meditation camp in Singapore also in the same month. In the meanwhile
there is a plan to open a Osho Meditation Centre on one and half acre land of
natural ambience on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur.

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