September 10, 2000

Open Letter to Fellow Travelers from Vairagya

Beloved Friends

Since past few months there is lot going on in and around the commune. Many sannyasins in India and around the world have talked about it. They have written to the Inner circle and expressed their views in press also. Many hidden facts, unknown stories have surfaced. The centers of cyclone are Ma Yoga Neelam, Sw. Tathagat, Sw. Keerti & friends. I have been silently watching the whole scene till now. My response to the whole situation was very different. Unfortunately my so-called commune friends and management team do not understand my response. Till now I might have expressed myself a bit here & there. My whole-hearted support has been with Ma Yoga Neelam not only because what she has to say but also because what she is. Mind you, in my understanding that's where the big difference is.

My association with Osho is from my very childhood. I come from the same town where Osho comes. Time was ripe in 1971 when he picked me up and took me with him. I was all along with him in Poona One, Rajneeshpuram, and Poona Two and Three periods. I feel very fortunate and blessed for being in his presence for all these years. His grace always had showered on me whether I deserved it or not. (I know he was same to each and everybody). Being in the commune I did whatever I was asked or could do with my very best without any doubt or question. I have been also involved legally in the commune, as a trustee in
various trusts.

I have seen many ups and downs in the commune. Many seekers, lovers, beautiful people coming to the Master and joining in to the non-ending dance. Commune in presence of Osho had touched such heights of indescribable energy, celebration, love and transformation in many people's life. After Osho left his body slowly and steadily in a very silent manner things have started sliding down hill in such a manner that nobody could become aware of it and the peak came recently in the year 2000. Nothing is basically the same in the commune as before, though the outside look of the commune is more beautiful. What happened? Where are those days? Where are those people gone and why? Not only one or two or ten but in hundreds and thousands people have left or were asked to leave, not because they had fulfilled their search but they were not useful or they started calling spade a spade or started giving their suggestions for what they thought is good for the commune's growth. Surprisingly to all of us it felt very normal that people are leaving the commune for good. Nobody ever asked why is this happening. (May be his or her number had not yet come) Everybody kept quiet and kept moving on, but then suddenly vacuum is felt, a realization that something is not right, but by that time almost everybody was gone and it was too late. Everybody had his or her own reasons to leave the commune. Now the fact is that the commune has become empty, empty of heartful people, empty of loving energy, empty of those disciples on whom Osho has worked for many years. The problem with us sannyasins is that we are spiritual people, we always console ourselves and say what to do? Whatever is happening is OK, I just want to do my meditation and go on.

No doubt many new seekers come for a week or two but not knowing what is the scene behind the curtain. People who could dare to lift the curtain have all left. Now only "YES BOSS" saying people are remaining. This is what is killing the spirit of the commune. Yes there was the time when many of us used to say, "YES" but remember that was not for same so-called BOSSES of the commune, but for our beloved Master Osho. That "YES" had some fire, some devotion, some deep understanding, some challenge. Now the "YES" is to gain something or make life more comfortable and easier. These days if you say 'YES' then you are a good boy and "for the commune", if you say "NO" then you are a bad boy and you are "against the commune". People are emotionally blackmailed and are told to support the decision made by inner circle blindly because it will 'save the commune' without knowing what it means. So much fear is being created amongst the people that commune will be destroyed if we disagree with decisions. Unnecessary so much panic is created, this is the trick played on disciples because nobody wants to see this commune getting destroyed. Funny thing is that who are these people those who want to destroy commune? Few names said by Inner circle are Ma Yoga Neelam, Sw. Tathagat, Sw. Keerti and friends. I don't see them destroying the commune. How can these people even think of destroying the commune who have been the very backbone in creating the commune and spreading Osho's work. Yes they have raised certain issues, which need to be discussed. That's all. They never came to the commune and attacked on it and destroyed the walls and windows of the commune as it was published and propagated. This proved wrong. Funny enough for that undone crime Neelam and her friends are facing court cases unnecessarily. How ridiculous it is.

Anyway, what is the commune? Big question? Commune is where people live together in harmony, in deep communion, where each and everybody is respected the same way and there is no hierarchy. Things are discussed openly in loving atmosphere. All this has disappeared now a days from the commune. Commune has become the sole property of some individuals. They are the bosses; whatever they say is final. You cannot have the second opinion. Whatever they say, right or wrong, is right only.

Among one of these individuals is very well known to all is Sw. Mukesh (Mukesh Sarda) who is the key culprit to destroy the commune as such. Nothing moves in the commune without his order. A person to my knowledge who never meditated enough and is the in-charge for running the commune, taking decisions for all legal, financial and day to day activities. You can always hear people saying "wait we have to ask Mukesh", "no it has to be OKAYED by Mukesh", "wait Mukesh is not in town, let me call him & ask him" & then only things move. Because of this one single person so many innocent people have suffered. One cannot argue with him. Most of the time his answer is 'I don't care, you do this or get lost.' I have worked with him closely and came to the understanding and found the simple way not to argue with him and say yes to whatsoever he says, in many ways I have done that just to save my time and energy. Also thinking may be this is the only way to continue Osho's work since he has the power, but somewhere deep down I did not like it. There are many people still living in the commune who don't like him and on his back they abuse him badly. Strange enough after all that I had always a soft corner for him in me and I supposed he had the same for me, but he disillusioned me.

Osho not being in body and lots of my close friends leaving the commune and above all again and again a reminder from my Inner Circle representative about my financial situation and many meetings about it, one day I decided to move out. I thought now is the time for me to stand on my own feet financially and do Osho's work from the different dimensions. With this understanding I came out of the commune. Took a jump into the unknown world not knowing whether it will be possible for me to survive or not? Since I have spent my whole youth in the commune. It felt very late to start in the world but I took the jump. So far I am managing with the help of my friends. When I came out of the commune about a year ago I had resigned from all the trusts in which I was the trustee. While I was the trustee, we were facing some problems with the hired Indian laborers. In 1998 few of the trusts got accused and cases were filed against them in the criminal court for violating laws for non-presentation of necessary documents before the investigating labor officers at the time of their visit to the trusts. As usual Sw. Mukesh put me in the front to face the situation which he had created by his mismanagement. Any way all the trustees are rubber stamps to follow the instructions, I was asked to get involved in those cases. They are still going on in the court. Since 1998 sometime every week or now every month we get the date and we have to be present physically in the court. I had been always present in the court on each date even after being out of the commune. This routine continues. Though it is difficult for me to be present in the court every time yet I do go. This also keeps me stuck in Pune. I expressed my difficulties to Mukesh since he is the responsible person for this matter. To my surprise on the last court date attorney withdrew himself with the instructions from Sw. Mukesh. This means I am no more represented in the court from now on by the Commune lawyer. This was never discussed with me or informed to me in advance. I was left in a very funny and dangerous position suddenly in the court in front of the judge on the hearing date. I was asked to hire a new lawyer to present my case now separately and look after myself and bear the cost and consequences. I came home wondering, hurt and shocked. After coming back I called Mukesh in the Ashram and was told that he is in Mumbai. I then called him in Mumbai, got him on phone and in one sentence got told by him that 'I don't want to talk to you on phone. Tomorrow I come to Pune and meet you', saying this he hanged the phone. A fortnight has passed I am still waiting for the meeting.

Now I will have to hire a lawyer, pay his fee, pay the fine and or go to the prison, whatever gets decided by the law. I will have to face the consequences at my own risk and cost. I have no idea how I will be able to manage it. This is not my personal case. Is this the reward I deserve for standing in favour of the commune for all those years??? Mukesh told me in one of the meeting, if I stand with Neelam & friends then he will go against me and it has proved true. He has taken the revenge. Although I am trying my best to stand with truth which in my understanding happens to be with those who are opposing copyrights on Osho and his Meditations as a Trademark. I am ready to take the risk. Sorry Boss.

Friends, it's the time to open our eyes. It's now or never. Commune and Osho's vision is being systematically destroyed. New guidance's are being created to support Jayesh and his coterie. Sannyasins who had been involved in creation and expansion are not welcomed any more. A hierarchical setup is in place and no one is allowed to disagree. As a matter of fact one can only be a stooge in this set up. This is not a commune and a place for transformation but a money making resort where people give a plastic smile and are looking at your pocket. This place offers 3 star resort facilities and if you want, meditation is also available. Is this what we understand from Osho?

Then what is the way out? Voices have to be raised by sannyasins to whom it matters. Emotional blackmailing or not allowed to visit commune has no relevance now. In Osho's world sannyasins should feel free to express themselves and should be allowed to participate in the activities of the Commune following the set normal rules.

In my opinion this Commune does not belong to any one in particular or in other words we can say it belongs to the whole world, and not only that, it belongs to the whole existence. Let us keep it that way and enjoy it. The so-called saviors of the Commune had always put me in Neelam's side and I accept it. But friends, in fact I stand for Osho, stand for the truth and believe me there is not a slightest idea in my head to destroy or to take over the commune. I am also one of the foundation stones to create this beautiful commune. How can I think of destroying it? In fact I cannot see it getting destroyed day by day. Now is the time to look into it. Then the question arises: what one can do? I will say: always be ready to question, stay awake and act with awareness.
Yes. Osho.Yes.

Vairagya Amrita
10th Sep 2000.

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