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Open letter from Devakrishna regarding East & West Sannyas Misunderstanding
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From Swami Yog Chinmaya, January 06, 2003
From Ramarshi, Lake Constance, Europe, May 20, 2002

From Chandra Prakash, India (3 October 2001)
From Arun Babani (September 2001)
Letter from Anand Arhat, New Delhi, India (July 8, 2001)
Letter to Keerti from Osho Lover Raj and response (May 2001)
Letter from Krisana (May 2001)
From Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi, Ontario, Canada (May 11, 2001)
From Prem Peeyoosh, Barnala, India (April 22, 2001)
From Karan Kakar, Florida, USA (April 18, 2001)
From Deva Satranga, Amsterdam (March 2, 2001)
A letter from Kes'shin (January 4, 2001)
Response from Samarpan, New Delhi (December 27, 2000)
Letter to beloved Keerti (December 13, 2000)
Response from a mystice rose, Berlin (November 25, 2000)
Letter from Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi, Toronto, Canada
(October 5, 2000)
The Osho-lovers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your fear!!
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Ma Prem Sangeet to the OIF (Osho International Foundation) management, the Inner Circle, the Management Team, Osho centers, and Osho’s sannyasins and lovers around the world (June 7, 2000)

(April 3, 2002)
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From Swami Yog Chinmaya, January 06, 2003
[email protected]

Let us get Osho back to Osho Commune

Dear Friends and Sannyasins of Osho;

A few years back, I ran into a sannyasin friend, who locally distributes Osho´s books. We talked and I asked about his book distributing. He sighed, "Chinmaya, things have changed, now they want us to put the emphasis on Osho's work and not on him. You know, it used to always be the other way." It gave me an uncomfortable feeling but I did not know what to make of it. What I failed to realize was that a series of disturbing changes had already started in the Osho Ashram in Pune, which recently culminated in the demolition of Buddha Hall. 

I received an email one evening that Buddha hall had been demolished. It mentioned that the official reason was that it was getting old and now we have the new mediation hall. I could not sleep that night - it felt very wrong. If management is concerned about our attachment to buildings then what about Osho's residence or the Ashram itself- will it be demolished too?

Osho showed us the Buddha inside ourselves, initiated us in neo-Sannyas and sent us out into the world to live as Buddhas. Buddha Hall was the spiritual birthplace for many of us. Every year and half when I travel to the Ashram, at first, I just sit at the gate. I have returned home. Mediation happens in the Buddha field in Buddha hall - where Osho catapulted so many of us into our spiritual journey. The new meditation hall may be a great place but Osho was never there. Why destroy the Buddha hall where Osho enabled us to go within ourselves? It is a historical place, it is a holy place and it is our home.

I was sitting in my office, when news tracker from the New York Times, popped on my screen. "His photographs have been taken down in the Ashram, his birthday and samadhi days are no longer celebrated and his smiling photographs have disappeared from Osho Times front page and there are rumors that no longer sannyas will be given with mala." Tears started flowing. I sat stunned. The ranch is long gone and the possibility of attack to Osho's legacy did not even cross my mind. I remember the day when I got a phone call from the Ranch that they had located Osho in an Oklahoma jail - thanks to the US media. Now the New York Times is telling me what is happening to my spiritual birthplace and my spiritual master. 

Swami Yogendra, the present trustee of the commune, was quoted in the New York Times as saying, "Someone comes in and there are like 1,000 pictures of this dead guy, and they're like 'Whoa, get me out of here," Well, if you do not expect Osho in Osho commune, what do you expect? Do we need to have people like Yogendra, who calls Osho- the dead guy- be the trustee of the Ashram? Even the Times said, "But these days almost nowhere in the commune that bears his name (Osho) are there pictures of the late Osho himself. Would Osho have wanted that?" You know things are terribly wrong at the Ashram when news reporters are asking, "Where is Osho?"

Some people want to make a business out of teaching Osho’s mediations. Look at Christianity- you cannot stop that, but I did not expect it to happen in the Pune ashram at the cost of moving Osho out of the Ashram. He did not particularly care to return to Pune, but that was his home and the Indian government did not deny him the right to come back and give discourses in Buddha Hall. He wanted to be in Buddha hall to share himself with us. We had him back in Buddha hall doing what he loved the most. We forgot the ranch and moved on. Now with this happening, the wounds have reopened.

I look in the local yellow pages and there are over two-dozen places to teach yoga and mediation. No guru needed. Just ten bucks per class and the first class is free. Can we teach spirituality this way? Take Osho out of his ashram and you have killed it, leaving the appearance of a body with no soul. Do we want that? One can de-emphasize Newton and still learn about gravity. In fact it is easier to teach gravity with Newton or Einstein de-emphasized. It simply does not work for the inner journey of spirituality. Osho stands for an inner transformation to Zorba the Buddha- nothing less. Can we do this without Osho’s presence in the commune?

I continue to hear that Osho’s books are now being printed with sections deleted. Osho made few requests, one of them was to present his work in its entirety. The rights to Osho's books have been sold to western publishers who are starting to publish his work in an edited form. Soon we will be reading Osho’s books on mediation, edited by someone who is inexperienced with mediation or Osho.

NO ONE owns Osho’s words- they are a gift to the entire humanity and we can do no more than to preserve it in its original form and make it available to all those who are interested. www.oshoworld.com has started to distribute the books and tapes, in its original form, at no cost to the world. I could not imagine a nobler work. However, as false coins take the real coins out of circulation- with time the market will be flooded with commercial and politically correct edited versions of OSHO’s discourses. Do we care what Osho said or we care for what he should have said so that his books can sell better and that he does not offend people?

We all have seen the copyright mark right next to Osho’s name for some time. If Osho is a copyrighted trademark then every time we use his name –we need to identify it as a copyrighted trademark! Can it get any worse? Osho is our master and not a trademark. Thanks to the efforts of Keerti and Osho Friends International- the courts have nullified the trademarking of Osho’s name. 

From what I understand - Osho left the management of daily affairs to a group of twenty-one people who have been slowly pushed out by the remaining five people. I spoke with one of the original twenty-one and he said that “I am one hundred percent sure that Osho did not want this new hall and never asked for the destruction of Buddha hall.”

It is painful to see management denying entry to the ashram- to those who objected to the destruction of Osho’s legacy. I asked a long-time sannyasins, “Swami ji why don’t you say something, ” and got the usual response, “Well I agree with everything you say but I do not want to be banned from going to the ashram.” It is hard to believe that these are the same people who in the seventies and eighties wore orange clothing only and mala with Osho’s photograph and chanted in streets the name of Bhagwan and today they are scared to speak up when their master’s legacy is being destroyed. If we do nothing, soon there will be nothing.

I want those of you who are scared of being banned from the Ashram to know that it is our spiritual birthright to visit the samadhi of our spiritual master and meditate in Buddha Hall. Dear Friends - let us work to restore Osho’s legacy. Let us bring Osho back to his commune and let us tell the present ashram’s management to leave the resort business to others.

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From Ramarshi, Lake Constance, Europe, May 20, 2002
[email protected]

open letter to the sangham from ramarshi

..."To revolt is not easy. You need to have tremendous resources within you; otherwise you become futile, your words don't have the traditional depth. Tradition gives a certain depth, a certain richness, a certain refinement. A single individual, if he stands against all tradition, needs to be of a great genius, of great creativity......

This is what is happening in our constellations. It is a rebellion from the heart against all traditions you keep alive in you. There are mostly 3 or 4 strong rivers of tradition in the whole past of the participant. At the end of a constellation the heart of the participant has the same depth like the tradition in him. Only when the depth of the heart equals the depth of the tradition in you, you can be called a great enough genius in the heart, as far as transforming yourself is concerned. Creativity on mass for transformation is there when the master is alive, but when he is gone the depth of 3 generations in your own past is needed; to revolt against your own past of tradition from your heart. Just to have enough creativity free for your self transformation. Self transformation is starting usually in the second year.

To rebel against the tradition who formed your ego, needs the rebellion against at least 3 generations of cultures. At least this i can say about my own transformation.

....In the hands of Ma Tzu, Zen became again fresh - as fresh as Buddha wanted it to be. After a thousand years, Buddha would have loved Bodhidharma and Ma Tzu, the people who rebelled.

Only a non traditional state of consciousness is pure in freshness. The collective unconsciousness is a very polluted water. Polluted with non truths. Full with believes and disbelieves. This waters are so full of junk that to travel them exhaust the soul. It is the water you must travel in the dark night of the soul, to reach to the spring of freshness in consciousness. This spring of freshness is left in the rebellion. And it is needed for the buddhafield to stay alive. We had to drill and dig deep into the collective subconsciousness in the last 12 years. But most of us simply wasted the last 12 years with trying to be respected by the tradition we relate to.

The new man has now that fresh and clean state. And he can hold it in a world wide frame in his consciousness. This is a global rebellion and has never happened in the past. So, the work was almost too much for the hearts in transformation.

A rebellious spirit loves the very creativity that any rebel brings to any action.....

Yes, with this creativity you become in your action original, whatsoever you do. A very cool thing to happen in a human life. In this original actions the water of that spring of pure consciousness flows. From inside to the outside.

....Isan also wanted to rebel against Ma Tzu. It was not against Ma Tzu, but the Ma Tzu that the tradition had created. It is a strange phenomenon: Isan loved Ma Tzu as he loved Buddha and Bodhidharma, but he could not accept the rituals that had grown afterwards, when they had died....

When the master is gone, the unconscious and non transformed people create a tradition of heritage build by ego motivations, How can this be accepted by a genius of the heart. Through this ego motivations the whole past tradition dominates each and every action of the collective unconsciousness. To rebel against that is needed this days to simply stay spiritual alive. I understand this practically! Our last constellations have shown this fact crystal clear. No one can stay alive spiritual as a part of any tradition. To be an heritage holder is to be a spiritual killerand not in any way able to be amongst the new man.

....You cannot be polite and revolutionary; you have to be iconoclastic and you have to hit hard against the dead tradition. Politeness will make you respectable, but not revolutionary. And that is what happened - it is a misfortune - Isan became a respectable master. Because he became respectable he lost the grandeur of a revolutionary. Whenever a person becomes respectable, he cannot say anything against the mass mind.

This is what i noticed too in my work, at the latest after one year of the constellation. People who are missing to transform themselves after a year and who do not start to revolt against the collective subconsciousness after the second year, simply stay stuck in personal issues. They do not go beyond the personal frame. Like Anando, Ananta, Ali, Atmo, Nirmegha and Nisang. They maybe are only after respectability from the unconscious masses. I always guessed they simply are not creative people. They only understand tradition and the loyalty it needs to the collective and from the collective, to simply keep ones respected position in the tradition. The same i noticed with this self exposed idiots of the tibetan house like Prabhutha, Nirvata and so on.

But as much Dheeraj and Kavisha tried to make it a long lasting mummy, some grave yard ghost will always come sooner or later to burn the mummy to ashes. It takes too much of the room and no space for emptiness is left. With this mummy in place, it is hard to get the hidden treasure out and share it with the world.

The collective unconsciousness will feel hurt if he says anything revolutionary, and anything revolutionary will take away the respectability."

All who are a blind part of the collective unconsciousness, all who are not a light unto themselves, feel hurt by the actions of the revolting individual. And there is no sensitivity in them about the consequences of the violent actions, done by the tradition holders and their helpers against consciousness. Even when the action to establish the tradition is killing a living master, they have no sensitivity of anything going wrong in their hearts. Such deep is their unconsciousness in the resort and tibetan house. That means only one thing: They are totally drowned in the collective unconsciousness of the old man and are not of the genius who is needed to welcome the new man. But if you question the tradition they are in, they are ready to kill, again and again. You have seen the hitting against me and my work in pune and shooting attempts of the tibetan house in the last year. It was not expected that the old man will be graceful on his deathbed. His final words had all the ugliness he collected in a life of going up and down the leader of respectability in any traditional hierarchy.

Love Ramarshi

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From Chandra Prakash, India (3 October 2001)

dear sw. chaitanya kirtiji
i am delighted by your efforts to expose the conspiracy of pune people.
I am ready to extend my support in this regard. I further request you to keep the osho legacy pure.
[email protected]
From Arun Babani (25 September 2001)

Beloved keerti,
overjoyed to be on your website for the first time, and we shall keep in touch. Please guide about bringing the book 'return to innocence' to osho lovers since it was inspired by osho himself.
love arun
[email protected]
Letter from Anand Arhat, New Delhi, India (July 8, 2001)

Dear Sw Kirti,
Your Article under the column "Meditation" in HT on the eve of "Guru Purnima" was a welcome change from the pseudo intellectual writings which appear there in routine. Hope you shall be writing more as Osho already predicted that he shall be riding on the winds after leaving the body.

Anand Arhat
Letter from Krisana (May 2001)

Beloved Keerti,
How are you?

Wow................ the web-pages are so, so, so beautiful, alive, glowing with the masters presence, when I was reading all that is there I felt so connected with all my friends.

About me,
I am still here in Chile and we are in the 6th day of crying in the Mystic Rose, it is very deep and it is lifting off a whole layer of the misery and pain that Chile has been carrying.
This time 5 people from Revista Economia (economic magazine), also doctors and nurses participating in the group. No one is sannyasin although there hearts are all being synchronised and each day there gratitude for the Mystic Rose goes deeper, each day they thank me and I say thank Osho it is his gift to the world.

The people work until 7.00 p.m. and then jump into the group which starts on time from 8.00 to 11.00 p.m., their trust and courage is immense. AND the biggest mystery of this Mystic Rose is that 2 days before the demonstration evening I was advertised on a top radio program at 8.30 in the morning and in a popular daily newspaper. (I don't have that kind of money to promote)

Apparently an education institute where I had used a room to give an invitation night of Osho's meditation and meditative therapies, 3 months ago, made a mistake and advertised the same night again with my telephone number exactly a day before the demo.

And there I was making Dynamic meditation in the morning as my energy was a little down a little shaky about the Mystic Rose, I said to myself O.K. I trust..... (I forgot to unplug the telephone) and then all of a sudden a flood of phone calls from the radio advertising, all day I was answering telephone calls.
It is a great cosmic joke for me....... Osho works in strange ways.

Keerti, where are you living in Pune or in Delhi? How can I participate with you to keep the flame alive????
Send much love to all the friends, and from here all my heart can feel is YES, TO THIS VERY MOMENT,
much love

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From Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi, Ontario, Canada (May 11, 2001)

Swami Keerti and all the associated Osho sannyasins and friends in Delhi:
Congratulation for bringing out or it would be more appropriate if I say for launching a monthly Osho magazine. As you were a master editor of Osho Times in your golden pune days, we can only hope the best from you.
You are a Bodhidharma of Osho, so charaibeti... charaibeti.... Osho loves you so do we!

Love from Canada.
Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi, [email protected]
From Swami Prem Peeyoosh, Barnala, India (April 22, 2001)

Dear Swami !Bravo!
The birth of OSHO WORLD is really birth of a new Osho world; a world of love , respect for eachother and a respect for the Guru and his work in real oriental sense of responsiblity. We the Osho friends of Barnala are with you.Excelsior!
His Blessings!
Swami Prem Peeyoosh, [email protected]

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From Karan Kakar, Florida, USA (April 18, 2001)

Hi there ,
Im actually doing a paper on cultures. I have always been very interested in what actually made people come to osho, what did they achieve over at the ashram. was osho a culture by itself . How do we defend our culture from others and justify ourselves, although we arent responsible to answer to anyone but its a justification one needs for one self.
Thank You
Karan Kakar, [email protected]

From Deva Satranga (March 2, 2001)

Really enjoying all juicy stories, it's such a great drama! And life carries on, the trees still flower, the clouds, the sun, the birds on the wing, my body breathing, all happening and happening....
Loving, Laughing, Living...
A Mystic Rose for all of You!

Amsterdam, Netherlands,
e-mail: [email protected]

A Letter from Kes'shin (January 4, 2001)

I am finishing my paper for school. I am constantly surprised at how the universe throws the right teachings at the right time. When I started this, the only thing I knew of Osho was a reputation I had heard while living in Oregon, home of the Christian Coalition. Only when I came here did someone reccomend Oshos' writing. Even as a Zen student, in Oregon, Osho was seen as a cult leader. I wanted you to know how you helped me.

The reason I wrote a paper on him, was that I wanted to know why. Why include sex parties, why the outragiousness. Of course in the end I learned a lot from this remarkable person. It coincided with my own understanding. I was shown the Nature of Mind. I know who I Am, I know what silence, ecstacy, samadhi, all these experiences, and given a letter of aknowledgement by a Tibetan teacher, and also called insane literally by my ex zen teacher, while being forbidden by her to train under the TRUE Zen Master who opened me up to the True Mind in the first place. I am still forbidden to train in his monastery.
Although I knew all this, I still could not, cannot fathom the freedom that is being given to me. It is hard stepping out of prison, when all identity is there. This paper on Osho showed this so clearly. He is so clear in his message. It is a wonder. I must walk my own path of course, but he was/is an incredible example.
Many blessings, and much love,
Kes'shin, pure hearted one

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Response from Samarpan, New Delhi (December 27, 2000)

Its realy sad that the long connected people are not allowed inside the ashram and inner circle is reducing day by day. I had never met Osho but I am his sanyasin and my sanyas name is jeevan samarpan. i was and am connected with Osho through his books, cassettes and meditations. My relation with osho is through love not by any logics.
I can see many people who are connected with Osho are through love and now they are denied to a place where they lived with osho for so many years. I understand their pain and no body should deny their enterance in commune. I am with these people and in any way if i can contribute to their work i am always available. Although I have not met personaly with sw. keerti or ma neelam but I have seen them working in the commune during my short visits.Its my long desire to be connected with osho's work but i have not got the right oppurtunity.if by any way i can be with you please do call me to join you.

Samarpanplace: new delhi, india
name: sandeep thakur
e-mail: [email protected]

Letter to beloved Keerti

Hi keerti, It has been long time that I wanted to share with you few thinghs, but I was helpless because of fear of being banned from commune. I do not trust management team, they banned people for no reason, I have the feeling that life will be very hard and different without commune for me, so I do not take risk to see you personally, although I want to meet you, commune management team is the only group I am affraid of because it is a group of people who have no eyes to see, they just know how to missuse the power, but time will come that I will declare my rebellion against them, now it is not just the time because there is something in commune which is no where I can find, I mean my friends, before I rebel against them I have to learn how to live without friends, it was very cruel step from management team to ban you and neelam, and some other very good fellows, osho would never liked it happening. You will get some more letters from me soon and one day you will be very surprised to see me, I request you to answer me, I am your truely friend. Just few words how you are. You can answer me to sannyas.net or better on this website.

Please do not try to guess who I am because my name is not premgyan, one day I am sure that I will have no fear and we can see each other over this issue or whatever.
take care and have a great time

place: poona,india

e-mail: [email protected]

Response from a mystice rose from Berlin (November 25, 2000)

That's just the way it is..if things get the command to change.."
Hi beloveds, i have some suggestions for actions..
1.we should organize a OSHO-FOR-ALL love parade, Zorba the Bhudda style, in every city with an Osho center..maybe on the day he left his body..as we had it when he was imprísioned in Amerika..and somehow isn't a part of him prisoned there again?It would serve several purposes..and its no longer an internal sannyas affair..the puplic has to be made aware that also in Oshos caravan, there are priests now , who's main interest is manipulation and how to make spiritual seekers dependend on them..Or can you still fullheartedly recommend anybody you love to go to Poona? Since some years i'm boycotting the ashram..cause why should i support a place, sing songs of love and freedom, where the same principles rule that make the "outside world " so unbearable ugly??Tyranny, slavery, corruption, bureaucratism,greed in diguise of spirituality..I'd rather see this "commune?" closed, though its the birthplace of my soul, the place where i've expierienced the most precious moments of my life,then to see them establish that dead religion around thier trade mark Osho.-One hour, from 7 to 8, worship, with the closest-to-HIM bosses in front seats, and the employed staff behind.." It's so serious here" i once heard a maybe 20 year old girl, say to her friends, the‡ left after 2 days, would have done the same..A dead monarchy with it's priests and bureaucrats..2.suggestion is to found something like an Osho-for-all foundation, in which sannyasins can donate money for trails or to help sannyasins who got in trouble through Oif..see letter below..or if nothing workes out to buy land where we can create a new Osho Commune International, where Osho is lived , where his new man Zorba the Bhudda is live,where the rebel, who is against everything that hinders the growth of a new loving, playfull, peacefull, creative humanity, is lived.So how many sannyasins are we around the world?? I'm talking of seekers of the truth not those of power who after Osho left his body became, which hidden law in existence made this possible?:vultures...Battening themselves on what Osho has left behind for all of us..It's time to scare them away..Thier stench and bloodthirst has expelled too many songbirds, butterflies,children from his garden already..So suppose we are 20.000 around the world , though i fell the number is far bigger, and everybody donates , lets say , from 5$ to what ever he or she can afford,each month, wewill have enough money to drag them! to court..chirag made me think about that how can it be legal that non indians can prohibite indian citizians to enter the shrine of thier indian master????Are they the guests of India or its host again? a very receptive ma told me one day after Osho left his body, that we ought to buy all his audiotapes cause they, could't imagine at that time who "they" would be, will change his words..Osho's words out of thier mouth's are just tools, like every religion does it, to manipulate and dominate people..don't believe them anything anymore.So be aware, Michael O'Bryne, George Meredith, Klaus Steeg, D'arcy O'Bryne, Peter Kreuzfeld, Bill Aaronson and Mukesh Sadha, I use your legal names, cause to me you are still a 100% product of the fucked up society you are born out of, you donT deserve the beautiful names Osho gave you..Learned sholars..Haven't you in all those years with Osho understood anything?Love?Still just a 4-letter-word?! Compassion? "Osho says:.. "Right!! You've not dropped sannyas yet??? But we sannyasins and all the people , wether they are aware of it or not,who carry Osho,s dream in thier hearts,will drop you!!! The sooner the better..
I request you to consult one of Osho's briliant therapists to bring you down from your megalomania trips..You want to be mentioned ,regognized, respected???that's ok.it's natural...But as curse or blessing to humanity?You can still choose!!!Osho left us guidelines so clear that every seeker could walk this path to is or her enlightentment gracefully, singing, dancing, rejoicing with existence with selfrespect and dignity..But now these Mr.800-Pound-Gorillas, toke this expression from absolute-power-coruppts-absolutly-victim number ? " Dr" Amrito, throw themselves on the path, mess everything up, create chaos and confusion just because they have this desire to be Osho's successors, his special chosen messanger.."Nobody can bypass us...Pay us your tribute..We are important..."You bring in your gurufree, cult free,modern conception..NO Guru, you , the salaried employees..reminds me of something..Or is christianity for instance with it's perverted priests a modern Institution?Oh yes friends, let's go back to where we came from..back to the beginning, let's be , the emphasis is on modern, a little dance here, a half hearted meditation there,sheeps again.:Bähähähhyähyähyähyähyes...So you see who is actualy trying to create a cult..Certainly not OSHO..s sannyasins who don't allow anybody anymore to oppress them again, thier individiality, uniqueness, divinity, dignity and strenght they've gained with and through thier master..Sure,there are still the newcomer, who don't know that a sannyas history is repeating its self, the "butter on our bread"people, another quote from Doctor Sick..sorry but roses have thorns too and maybe you are not realising anymore how much you have, and still are harming the people of yur master..You had my love and my trust, Amrito,but maybe just " thorns on your way" can wake you and your companions, up from your power intoxicated sleep.
Well beloveds, as one of my friends always used to shout:WATCH IIIIIIINNNNN & OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT !!!
your rose

place: from Berlin
name: a mystice rose

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Letter from Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi, Toronto, Canada (October 5, 2000)

The Osho-lovers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your fear!!
Recently I came to learn from Swami Chaitanya Keerti that the New York based Osho International Foundation has altered and manipulated Osho's original words in one of their recent publications. If any one has read my comments of August 9, 00 on this website, one will recall I have pointed out to this issue there; the issue of integrity in publishing Osho literature. All my concerns came true. The "gang of three" has begun to destroy the original version of Osho works. They are altering Osho's words; they are cooling down the OSHO-FIRE, to please their New York publishers. If this is the trend then very soon all Osho literature will lose its originality, its proper context, its original date, the name of the place where it were delivered, the name of the sannyasins or friends to whom Osho addressed His answers. This seems to be an on-going crime planned step-by-step. To say any thing further will be a speculation but their (the gang of three) future activities are going to expose them, there is no doubt about it.

Now what can we do? We should raise voices against their organized crime of massacring Osho's work. This is time to be more and more aware. But certainly not to relax! If we relax and let it go over our head, we will not be able to pass the 24 carat authentic Osho to our future generations. Just in 10 years and 8 months of Osho's physical departure, we are facing with such ugly activities being continuously committed by the "gang" who were supposed to keep Osho hundred percent pure from pollution.

We may be far away but through Internet and other multimedia we can keep closeness and unification. At the same time, the Indian sannyasins, the sannyasins and Osho lovers currently living in India or surrounding countries should play the lead role. Because physically they could be available to meet at a certain desired place in India, the impact of this kind of meeting is going to be very loud and clear. Friends, we have nothing to lose but our fear and everything to gain: the 24 caret authentic golden Osho!

place: Toronto, Canada
name: Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi
e-mail: [email protected]

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Letter from Osho's devotees in London

Dear Sw. Keerti,
After reading your written conversation with Jayesh and also reading Ma Neelam's letter, we Osho's devotees in London were upset and saddened.
While keeping our "Sakshi Bhav" upfront we intend to send the following note to the inner Circle. We very much hope these cracks in the inner circle would be repaired for good and soon.

To The Members Of The Inner Circle.
We read Ma Neelam's open letter in the Indian Press. We are rather
shocked that some members of the Inner Circle hierarchy are more concerned with politics than with Osho's teachings and his mission. One wonders whether it is the desire for power which is influencing the thinking of the rest of the members of the inner circle. Beloved Osho was so much against ego and power thirst. In our opinion members of the inner circle should air their differences and grievances within the boardroom and any decision which is publicised should be a unanimous decision. We believe, that was beloved Osho's idea of creating this inner circle.

The path of Osho is as if we are walking on the edge of the sword - where constant mindfulness is required. We all are disciples of our beloved Osho aiming to practice and perfect constant awareness while living on this planet.
We wish to bring the following points to the inner circle's notice:

  1. We totally support Ma Neelam and Sw. C. Keerti. Osho's love for them never stopped.
  2. Osho declared Ma Neelam as his secretary for India. The East-West connection was to happen through Ma Neelam.
  3. Osho has always warned us about dictators - they always come in the path of meditators. We think it to be unjust that three people from inner circle sit in New York and make important decisions relating to the commune at Pune.
  4. We understand that the members appointed by Osho for the innercircle were for life and this was Osho's vision.
  5. It is disappointing to read that the 21 members of the Inner Circle appear to operate as an hierarchical system. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and no one member of the Inner Circle should undermine any other member's opinion, and thus no one member should be ostracised as a result of holding a differing opinion.
  6. Osho has spoken a lot on the path of love and devotion. We need single-minded devotion to promote Osho's vision and multidimensional growth of His work. Devotion has never been outmoded or cultish. New Sanyasins to Osho commune need to feel the presence of Osho. Osho's picture gives us a meditative and inspiring quality and is there to help all Sanyasins, old and new. We strongly suggest that the picture to be brought back in the Buddha hall and kept there so that all sanysins draw inspiration from the Master. Also Osho's chair should be brought to the Buddha Hall during White Robe Brother Hood celebration.
  7. We have read with great sadness that Osho's Samadhi is being used as a room for group visits. Firstly, it is against Osho's vision and secondly, any Samadhi, whether it be of Osho or of Mahatma Gandhi, is a place of respect and reverence. Osho's samadhi should be a place where his Sanyasins should feel the presence of the Master in His magnetic field. We suggest that those more concerned with the commercialisation of the commune than maintaining and allowing its sanctity to bloom and flourish, should think mindfully and follow our master's vision to the word. Osho's whole energy went into motivating a person's inner development than a commercial growth.
  8. COPYRIGHT - We wonder why are the books, videos, audio and other items of Osho being registered and copyrighted in Zurich and New York? Neither New York nor Zurich are the head quarters of Osho Communes administration. It is only appropriate that Pune Osho Commune should take out the World-wide copyright of all Osho's books, videos and audios.
  9. We fully agree with Ms. Amrita Pritam's statement as published in The Times Of India June 25th. 2000 issue.

We, Osho devotees from London sincerely and earnestly believe that this matter will be resolved in its entirety soon, to the satisfaction of all Osho's followers. Osho is one of the brightest stars in the cosmos. Let us not overshadow it's brilliance with our petty differences whether it be inner circle or outer circle.

I teach you a tremendous total yes to life. I teach you not renunciation but rejoicing. Rejoice! Rejoice! Again and again, I say rejoice! -- because in your rejoicing you will come closest to God.

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Open Letter from Sw. Anunado

Osho created situations. From orange clothes and malas, through discourses, groups, and meditations, to the Ranch and inner circle, he gave us countless ways to become more aware of our own unconsciousness. His only concern for his sannyasins was for us to wake up.

What is going on now is the culmination of many years of conflict between the inner circle and much of the rest of the sannyas world. The ic's basic position has been that Osho wanted things run a certain way, he told us directly what he wanted and we're following his instructions as best as we can. If we don't follow Osho's guidances all the
different points of view will lead to chaos. Certainly, if Osho had told me something directly I would find it very hard to disregard it.

Another position is that Osho didn?t want us to follow any particular "guidances" and to use our own intelligence when deciding something. This is clearly in conflict with the ic's position and is the root of the problem and quite a paradox.

What exacerbates the problem is that each of us has our own "stuff" to work through. It is very easy to attack someone's personality ratherthan address the issues they bring up. I have seen this happen on both"sides". Many of us have had to look more closely at how and why we've become involved in this dispute. This is the internal part of the process. Yet again, another great device.

One part of the paradox plays out in the external - making Osho more available in the world. This involves the meditation resort, meditation centers, books, tapes, etc. Many facets of this outer work are not working as well as they could be. The reason is that too much "stuff" is getting in the way. When we work together anything is possible; when we spend our time arguing and discussing, but not really listening to each other, the energy becomes dissipated.

Many times I've heard and read from members of the ic that "We're an organism rather than an organization." And this is the only way the external part of the work can flourish. It is true that the ic has an almost impossible and thankless job to do. But what I've seen happening seems very much like the result of a dysfunctional organization. It is natural to want to work with people who will agree with you, but when you are convinced that you are right and that people only disagree when they don't really understand, then many sannyasins leave who have much to contribute. This is a great and unnecessary loss.

A solution is not easy. The "sides" seem far apart. Somehow a middle ground needs to be reached. Doctrine doesn't work. My feeling is that the ic has to trust enough to invite people with widely differing points of view become members of the circle. They must not only be listened to, but if their ideas feel right, they should be enacted. This will entail a higher degree of awareness and responsibility from everyone concerned, but that's what sannyas is all about.

True, this is a much more chaotic and difficult way of doing things, but Osho never shied away from chaos. How this would all work specifically, I have no idea, but hopefully it's a start.

Sw. Anunado

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Response to the open letter from Anunado by Sw. Satya (August 26)

"Osho created situations. From orange clothes and malas, through discourses, groups, and meditations, to the Ranch and inner circle, he gave us countless ways to become more aware of our own unconsciousness. His only concern for his sannyasins was for us to wake up."

Don't wake up. The faster you are asleep the better it is for us. If you don't stay asleep, you will be banned!

"What is going on now is the culmination of many years of conflict between the inner circle and much of the rest of the sannyas world. The ic's basic position has been that Osho wanted things run a certain way, he told us directly what he wanted and we're following his instructions as best as we can. If we don't follow Osho's guidances all the different points of view will lead to chaos. Certainly, if Osho had told me something directly I would find it very hard to disregard it."

Sure. That is exactly why we put all the responsibilty on Osho. And you simply cannot question someone who is not in his body.

"Another position is that Osho didn't want us to follow any particular "guidances" and to use our own intelligence when deciding something. This is clearly in conflict with the ic's position and is the root of the problem and quite a paradox."

Guidances are all important. This is exactly how religions are created.

"What exacerbates the problem is that each of us has our own "stuff" to work through. It is very easy to attack someone's personality rather than address the issues they bring up. I have seen this happen on both "sides". Many of us have had to look more closely at how and why we've become involved in this dispute. This is the internal part of the process. Yet again, another great device."

We have created many devices over the last 10 years. These are just ways to make life difficult for true rebels.

"One part of the paradox plays out in the external - making Osho more available in the world. This involves the meditation resort, meditation centers, books, tapes, etc. Many facets of this outer work are not working as well as they could be. The reason is that too much "stuff" is getting in the way. When we work together anything is possible; when we spend our time arguing and discussing, but not really listening to each other, the energy becomes dissipated."

Only the external is important because that is visible and marketable. The internal is not. The whole idea is to dissipate the energy so that problems are not created for us.

"Many times I've heard and read from members of the ic that "We're an organism rather than an organization." And this is the only way the external part of the work can flourish. It is true that the ic has an almost impossible and thankless job to do. But what I've seen happening seems very much like the result of a dysfunctional organization. It is natural to want to work with people who will agree with you, but when you are convinced that you are right and that people only disagree when they don't really understand, then many sannyasins leave who have much to contribute."

We don't want anybody to contribute because every contribution has to be paid for one way or another. And no, the job is neither impossible or thankless. Just come and see for yourself. Now there are many more people coming than even when Osho was in the body. (The fact that they are also leaving is secondary). Nevertheless we shall accept your sympathy because that makes you feel good, and it actually works in our favour. Sympathy usually does.

"This is a great and unnecessary loss."

The day we make losses, we shall close down. Otherwise what is the point in running such a big show. Haven't you heard of the stories of rats leaving a sinking ship?

"A solution is not easy. The "sides" seem far apart. Somehow a middle ground needs to be reached. Doctrine doesn't work. My feeling is that the ic has to trust enough to invite people with widely differing points of view become members of the circle. They must not only be listened to, but if their ideas feel right, they should be enacted. This will entail a higher degree of awareness and responsibility from everyone concerned, but that's what sannyas is all about."

There is no need to come down to middle ground. Why should we give up our higher ground? And remember, doctrine does work. Hasn't it worked with Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, etc for thousands of years?

"True, this is a much more chaotic and difficult way of doing things, but Osho never shied away from chaos. How this would all work specifically, I have no idea, but hopefully it's a start."

This is not possible because, as you just said, there will be chaos. We cannot permit that. We cannot leave room for error. Otherwise how can we start another (dead) religion? You people know nothing. You listen to us. We are the chosen ones, chosen by Osho Himself.

6 (Chosen) Clowns and 15 (Pliable) Stooges

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Response to ANUNADO'S LETTER (Sept. 5)
I applaud Anunado for writing a letter in a spirit of encouraging good will to each other by promoting discussion between the IC and sannyasins at large. I think though what has happened though is that many sannyasins have already attempted for a long time to have meaningful discussions with the IC but failed. This letter gives the idea that BOTH the IC and sannyasins outside the IC are at fault with non-communication. I think that this is mostly false because many sannyasins tried to have a dialogue with the IC. I feel that it is naive to think that the IC are willing to engage themselves in free discussions with others. One may think that Satya's response to Anunado's letter is sarcastic but to me it sums up what I think that the IC REALLY feels towards other sannyasins. So to me, it would be foolhardy to think that meaningful discussions can take place with the IC.

place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
name: Sw. Dhyan Akaam
e-mail: [email protected]
Response from Sw. Anand Arhat
Read your befitting response to mahesh bhatt's psuedo article calling the master's work as part of entertainment industry. Your existance is a further confirmation of Osho continuous presence which even the latecomers like me feel day in and day out. .... calls for a celebration ...

Sw Anand Arhat
[email protected]

Response from Ravinder Sharma
A kind of arguements which is going on between Sw. Jayesh & other Indian disciples effects the new followers like me negatively. How should we take all this?

ravinder Sharma, New Delhi, India
e-mail: [email protected]

Response from Sw. Krishnadev Satyarthi
August 9, 2000

Let's not mix the real issue with the copyright issue. Of course the mystic Osho is beyond copyright. I agree with the slogan: "Osho: everybody’s birthright, nobody’scopyright". But what about His literature? As far as I see, the real issue is the shift of head office from Pune to NY. So the fight is for bringing head office back to India. Copyright is important on all Osho literature otherwise any non-sannyasin, any unauthorized person or company will start publishing Osho works. Also if we let go copyright from Osho’s work, there is a fear that Osho-literature may lose integrity and originality. We should not forget that even when Osho was in the body, His books were published under copyright.

So the real issue is: Head office should be in India. Arrangements should be underway to publishing more books in India so that they become affordable to grassroots Indians and all South Asians as well. The second issue is democratization in the Pune-management. Unethical hiring and firing should be avoided. All disciples and sympathizers should have easy access to Pune ashram and Osho samadhi regardless of their personal biases or opinions. Master's Samadhi and meditation facilities must be open and welcoming to all sannyasins and Osho-lovers. Any kind of fanaticism in the name of Osho is harmful to Osho's vision and it must be tracked and treated right on its onset.

One more thing I want to add. This is in regards to the publication of Osho's literature in the USA. It is good to see more of Osho's books in the North American market. But I have noticed that proper care and ethics were not applied while publishing them. For example, in "Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic", a new Osho book published by St. Martin Press (USA), many interesting features of Osho's early life have been discarded. It does not include any accounts of Magga Baba, Pagal Baba and Masto Baba - the three enlightened mystics who took care of Osho, one by one, respectively, until Osho attained enlightenment. These three mystics have played significant roles in helping Osho preserve his independence and rebelliousness. Osho has poured his love and gratitude to these three mystics in his book "Glimpses of a Golden Childhood" and in some other book. Also Osho's meeting with Nehru has completely been ignored. This is just one example and it raises question about how accurately Osho's work has been maintained so far and will be maintained in the future.

Few other books have been published by St. Martin Press, such as "Maturity", "Creativity" and "Courage". These books are wonderful, bear good American quality and they are available in most bookshops. But nowhere in the books one can find when and where these discourses were delivered. If these books were a reprint under new titles, this should have been mentioned in the books. References are very important in literature. This is completely misleading to publish books without giving proper references, dates, original titles or series etc. If this is the case right now, in our lifetime, what will happen tomorrow, 50 or 100 years from now. Osho's literature might lose proper context, proper citations, original dates and places.

This is prime time to address real issues. Copyright is a must because even in the hands of our own, we can see some of Osho’s works losing integrity, what will happen when it will be handled by those who are not our own!!??

Swami Krishnadev Satyarthi
Toronto, Canada
(519) 763-8740
[email protected]
Trouble in the Lotus Paradise

Dear Friends:
I tried to call India......
Sitting silently, doing nothing, when your house is on fire is bad..
In America we are reading about the turbulence at the Osho Commune in Pune, India. Now, with Satellite Communications, within minutes India News reaches our bedrooms all over the world. Why are Sannyasins banned from entering the Osho Commune? Is Court the only way out? For a Master who has Created /given / produced/ inspired so many therapies, therapists, meditations, spiritual technologies. And his disciples are starving. And there are so many meditators, therapists, mechanics, people who can fix things. Instead of all these court proceedings that are expensive, dehumanizing, disgusting, destructive, distasteful, derogatory, divisive, dirty, if you put a free ad on the internet, on your website, asking for help. Invite yes, invite Teertha, Purna, Veeresh, and other therapists, sannyasins, lovers of Osho, to assist in the Conflict Resolution that is desperately needed.

4 of the 21 inner circle people are mentioned in the conflict that is going on, where are the other 17 inner circle people? Osho instituted the Inner Circle: that (1) Comprise of 21 people, most intelligent, loving, caring, conscious, aware, people, individuals, people, to manage the day-to-day affairs of the commune. And (2) the Inner Circle must have a common goal, be in Harmony, and have a Unanimous consensus before any decision is to be taken. Technically, The Inner Circle has dissolved, by not following the Rules set by the Master.
People at the commune seem to be doing a good job. Making the commune greener, more beautiful, a bigger swimming pool and managing a commune of 2000 people is no easy task. But some sannyasins do not trust you and lack of trust is by no means a trivial thing. Truth, Trust, Love, Care. Small words that make or break a love relationship, a marriage, a corporation, a nation... and Sannyasins do not complain ... when I visited the Osho Commune last summer, it felt good to see all the greenery, beauty, the bamboos have grown taller, stronger, more graceful. But I was surprised to see the ugly dirty-looking plastic dishes that the commune was / is using. The poorest restaurants in India use dishes that you can tell when they are DIRTY or CLEAN. And sannyasins were Not complaining . Going to court????? I expected you to go to court to CLEAR OSHO’S NAME IN AMERICA. During Osho’s last hour on this planet, he did express this. To have his name cleared in America. And Swami Amrito did publish this information on the BBS - Bulletin Board system in 1990, right after Osho’s samadhi.
Love... and love, May the Master's blessings shower on the lotus paradise, and on all of us, Buddham sharanam gacchami.......

Radha Bhagirathee

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From Sw. Bodhi Chirag <[email protected]>
Sun, 30 Jul 2000

Hello my Beloveds ,

This letter is an endeavor to make suggestions to the Inner Circle which could change the scenario
in Osho's world from commotion to love and peace, if implemented.

I had been an impartial observer to the happenings in and around Commune and it's people for the past few months. I have got to know what was reported in the media and what Commune had to say. And a whole lot of emails and discussions criss-crossnig the world.

It was already bad enough to wash the dirty linen in public. But today, when I got to know of another
Sannyasin being banned from the Commune through no fault of his own ( he even does not stay in India), I thought it was time to speak up. Not because of an individual getting banned but because today I can drop my fear of being banned, if I spoke up.

I introduce myself as a Osho sannyasin who did not see the Master in the body. I do not belong to any group. These views are strictly my own. Now here is what I understand and what my suggestions are :
1. The whole drama came out in public with Sw. Keerti going to the Press. But that does not mean that
turbulence was not there before. This event was only the culmination of various previous events and
2. Commune may accuse Keerti, Neelam and others of taking the issue to the Press. But did they have a choice? I doubt.
3. My first hand experience of the ways of working in the Commune is that of Autocracy. NOT MERITOCRACY as Osho had suggested. At times, no reason/explanation is given for a certain action or decision. Something like ? Either accept it or move away?. Meaning total lack of transparency.
4. Power is the language often spoken in the working atmosphere of Commune. I remember Multiversity as the biggest Power center. And one of the rooms there once had a poster saying ? We are in a serious power trip?. And they, sure, meant it. Whoever had power got his/her way around in the Commune. And then it is an irony that it used to be called energy. There is a difference between power and energy which can be felt.There are also exceptions to this till date who just go about their work quietly. But they are exceptions,not the rule. And of course, love is also there in the Commune but it has been felt diminishing all along. And this feeling of mine has been endorsed by many
5. In the whole Press episode, there are many issues. Both the sides have been harsh to each other. I feel it is only natural that sometimes there are conflicts and difference of opinion. But that does not mean that you will simply bypass ( and even excommunicate) the one who does not agree with you. I feel reconciliation, and generally, peace and love should be given a chance. There has been a lot of
mud-slinging and that too in public. The Inner Circle Members proved adequately that they are just like I am. Full of judgement, full of reactions, full of jealousy. Fine, Neelam and company have their own issues but you have established yourselves above them by excommunicating them. The ban on them simply says that you are the decision makers. Now, since you are superior to them, I can only put my points forward to you. And I feel it is not for Niyama to judge others as to who is acting as a lawyer and why someone should change her boyfriend. These are personal things. This is not fair, this is bad taste. Niyama, if you say Sangget is a lawyer, and if you advise Neelam to change her boyfriend; then you are, Your Highness, a Chief Judicial Magistrate.
6. A question had been asked of Neelam as to why she had been silent all along. As commune sees it, she went to the Press and opened Pandora's box when she was banned. A case of sour grapes, Commune felt. Now I ask the Inner Circle, 'If Neelam was whatever you called her in Press release, why were you silent for these 10 long years'? Maybe because she went along with collective decisions.
7. As Sw. Vinod Bharti (Indian actor Vinod Khanna) rightly said, 'Commune is our Gurudwara'. And that means the place of our Guru. Who are you to stop someone from entering the shrine? Who are you to judge who is right and who is wrong? And even if someone is wrong, someone is against you, will you stop him/her from entering the shrine'? How dictatorial!! Then there must be a way to even stop you all from entering there. But alas, you yourselves are wielding those powers.
8. What I understand is that Osho, before leaving His body, gave a plan of 10 years ahead to people like Amrito and Jayesh. Everything was clearly chalked out as to what to do and how to time it. But now 10 years are over. Now the Sannyasins have to use their own intelligence and awareness for the time to come. Now the sannyasins have to foresee Commune's future. The big fights have surfaced only now. The involvement of Press is unprecedented. So, in more ways than one, this is a new situation altogether. We have to respond to it afresh, anew. I suggest we go by Osho's directive, 'Awareness is my successor'. No, only fighting and pretending that everything is alright will not solve the problem, leave aside bring in peace and love. Too much energy and money is already being wasted in fighting. And because of this, there has been a downward trend in everything in Commune. Things are not the same. But I do not want to elaborate.
Wherever there is a fight, this is bound to be.

9. It is time to remind the Inner Circle that they are only functionaries. Should the things continue in the same way, it would mean that we did not understand Osho and did not live His vision. Now is the time to come closer rather than fight. To reconcile rather than to move away from each other. To give warmth to each other rather than lashes.

Suggestions :

1. People concerned should clear up the matter of Copyrights and Osho paintings. This should be done in the Commune and not in public. Proofs should be made available. A meeting can be arranged which could be attended by Commune authorities and the banned sannyasins. Personnaly, to me it does not matter where the copyrights are. The initiative will rest on the Commune to convene this meeting.
2. Let us stop accusing and judging each others. Even in conflict, remember the moments of love. Let us not debate who was more close to Osho physically and who was made what by Osho. Today, I am glad that I can not claim any proximity to Osho which could have given me a big ego.
3. At least now let's stop going to the Press. And when I suddenly remember that both the sides have approached government and Internet authorities, I feel sad. You are fighting just the way people fight in the Lower House of Indian Parliament. What message will this convey to people like me who still have a great respect for Anando and Shunyo'
4. I would request the Commune authorities to understand that banning and preventing people is not the solution. Every time there will be a new issue and you will end up banning someone or the other. And then only the 21 of you would be left. A more mature attitude is expected from you. And what an afraid and closed group of 21 would it be!! Anyone says anything and endangers his/her exit.
5. Please do not consider voicing discontent as bad. If someone is raising his/her voice does not mean that s/he has some problems within. Niyama tries to decipher things this way. If it was true, then what would we say of Osho who raised His voice all the time against various things? Please try to understand that now Commune is more or less an establishment. And there are going to be discontented people too. Everybody can not be pleased. Instead, start something like a Grievance Handling Cell. This would address the issues much before they are too big.
6. My request to Inner Circle and other sannyasins doing Osho's work is that spreading Osho's word should not be taken in the spirit of achievement. Take it easy guys. Even if you had done only half of what you have done, the real seeker would still be here. It is not because of your doing that people are taking sannyas. If this feeling sets in, there would be no power tussle among you all.
7. Finally, my intention was not to hurt anybody. Why not make a new beginning? All fresh. You all are such lovely people. A silly idea is : you could all assume new names to forget the past. I would really like to see Niyama and Neelam dance together ( if I am not banned, that is). And what a poor commune it would have been if there was only meditation and love and no fight. A few days' separation is also good. But ultimately, we are the sannyasins of the same Guru and Commune is our spiritual home. Wow, if even we can not dance together and keep fighting, what is going to happen to the earth? Was Osho a harbinger of love and awareness or not? I pray that His love gets manifest through us.

With my sincere Namaste,

Sw. Bodhi Chirag.

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