Books I have Loved

Osho, the much maligned, maverick modern guru of the "New Age" meditation, was one of the most voracious readers - a fact he often confessed. He used to read an average eight thousand-odd pages every day till his death!

Osho again on Sufi path

A machine works according to its design. It cannot do anything for which it is not built. Human beings work according to their will. Autonomy of will distinguishes human beings from automata.

My People

Anant Ki Pukar, a new Hindi book by Osho has just been published. This beautiful book costs only forty rupees and can be purchased from Osho Commune bookshop.

A Treasure Chest with Trivia

"One day we will have to write the whole of history with a totally different orientation, because the facts are trivia - although they are material, they don't matter. And the truths are immaterial but they matter," says the preface by the compiler of 'The Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect...

What morality? It is physicality!

“I am the beginning of a totally new religious consciousness. Please don’t connect me to the past — it is not even worth remembering.” This is Acharya Rajneesh or Bhagwan Rajneesh or Osho, master of the rhetoric, making one of his characteristic statements.

Don’t believe, just ‘live’

When invited by a well-known religious organisation to speak, Rajneesh, on the spur of the moment, decided to play a practical joke on the organisers and the audience. He began talking about a strange and highly advanced society called "Sitnalta". The truth of the matter is that before delivering his...

Osho goes Sufi and thrills you

"GLORY of Freedom" in the series "Sufis: The People of the Path" is one of the most consistent works giving a full taste of Osho "philosophy". Where Carl Jung, the most prominent pupil of Sigmund Freud left, Osho appeared. Osho's thought has reached a logical conclusion.

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