Centers and activities from the world of Osho

A few years ago I had the privilege of living and working at a quite extraordinary school in Devon in England. Called Osho Ko Hsuan School - after a chinese zen master. The school is inspired by the teachings of the Indian sage Osho and has an innovative approach to...

Links around the Osho Commune, Pune

One of India's top website says about Osho Commune International, Pune: Once upon a time Pune was a very sedate Maharashtrian city... very representative of the Maratha heartland. The arrival of Osho Rajneesh and his flock changed that completely. The Ashram put Pune on the world map ...

Sites on Osho and his teachings

Following thoughts by Osho from his different works have been helpful to me, so I've collected them together to remind me - for my own edification. I am sharing them with you in hope that they will be helpful to you too and get you interested in his works.

Other interesting links

This article seems destructive and cruel towards therapists and meditation leaders. However, I defend the vulnerable and the unprotected, who seek orientation and help in therapy, but end up being manipulated, repressed and massacred. This is the true cruelty.

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