As for Tagore, Osho’s Works Must be Copyright Free

News Release
New Delhi, 2 Jan 2002

The waiving of restrictive copyright on the works of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore will set them free for the entire world to appreciate the heritage of this mystic poet who is India’s only Nobel Laureate in literature. In the same vein, like the message of all Buddhas. Osho’s works need to be immediately freed from the clandestinely registered copyrights and patents in the U.S.A. and Switzerland.
In fact, this step was long overdue as the Berne Copyright Convention of 1886 – now over a century old – requires the revision of the grace period from 50 years to ten years due to the development of instant communication in this age of the Internet.
Tagore’s sublime and inspirational works have been freed from the shackles of copyright for the benefit of everyone everywhere. The same must be done for Osho’s works.
The statement by Ms Bela Banerjee, Joint Secretary, Copyright and Languages, is commendable as it emphasized that this copyright ownership expiry would be a boon to artistes and the printing and publishing of Tagore’s works in India and abroad. She saw no reason to fear the substandard production of Tagore’s works.
It is encouraging to note that the Indian media in numerous editorials has also welcomed this step in the public interest. In the same spirit, Osho World Foundation is striving to bring the works of the enlightened mystic Osho into free domain for the maximum possible dissemination. Osho has described Tagore as ‘the heart of India”. Says Osho,”
“Saa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye..’ Whatever liberates you is true knowledge, declare the Upanishads. Osho’s insights and meditation techniques fall in this category of leading one to liberation and thus must be free from the fetters of copyright.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Osho World Foundation
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