Osho World Celebrates the spirit of Eternal India

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New Delhi, August 14 2002

India holds a special place in the heart of Osho. He says,  “India is not just geography or history. It is not only a nation, a country, a mere piece of land. It is something more: it is a metaphor, poetry, something invisible but very tangible. It is vibrating with certain energy fields which no other country can claim.”

Coinciding with the Independence Day every year in August, Osho World celebrates the spirit of eternity that India is. 

The week long celebrations known as the ‘India My Love Week’ started on 12th August this year. Ms. Kavita Khanna, wife of Swami Vinod Bharti, Union Minister for Tourism and Culture inaugurated the week long celebrations at Osho World Galleria located at Ansal Plaza in New Delhi. Former Governor of Uttar Pradesh and veteran Parliamentarian Shri B. R. Satyanarayan Reddy was the chief guest at the occasion. Grammy Award winner and inventor of double violin L. Shankar and his musical partner Ginger were also present at the inauguration.Speaking at the occasion Ms Khanna said that she was delighted that her maiden public appearance was at Osho World at the inauguration of this event of national importance and in tune with the vision of Osho for what eternal India stands for in its collective consciousness. 

‘India My Love week’ takes its name from a landmark book of the same name that features insights of Osho into India’s spiritual heritage. Focus of the week was another Osho book of his provocative discourses on India entitled ‘India’s Burning Questions’ originally published in Hindi as ‘Bharat ke jalte prashn’. A CD of these taped discourses on solutions to India’s problems was also launched in MP3 format at the function. A brief humming meditation was also held to mingle with the spiritual energy abound in India. 

The spirit of Indianness was evident at the Osho World galleria specially decorated in the colours of India’s national flag for the occasion while well known singer Sandeep Shrivastava sang Sanskrit hymns and Kabir bhajans to remind all present about the eternal India.   Osho says, “For almost ten thousand years, thousands of people have reached to the ultimate explosion of consciousness. Their vibration is still alive, their impact is in the very air; you just need a certain perceptivity, a certain capacity to receive the invisible that surrounds this strange land.” The Osho Upanishad.

As part of India’s 55th Independence Celebrations and Osho’s 70th Birthday Celebrations, a set of the spiritual master’s books was also presented to the speaker of Lok Sabha, Mr Manohar Joshi, for the library of the Indian Parliament at a special function on the 13th August The Minister for State for Tourism and Culture, Mr. Vinod Khanna, and his wife Ms Kavita Khanna, and former Governor of four States and a former Rajya Sabha Member, Mr B. Satyanarayan Reddy were present at this function.Thanking Osho World Foundation for this gift, Mr Joshi said many MPs have been reading Osho and this set of 116 in Hindi and 106 in English books will enable more MPs to get a better idea of his insights. 

At this ceremony, Dr Lavlin Thadani, an Osho disciple and a media personality, read out an extract from Osho’s vision of an enlightened India or its eternal identity named Bharat. In this extract Osho explains that the word ‘Bharat’ consists of ‘Bha’ or light and ‘Rat’ means involved in this pilgrimage to realize this light within oneself. Those who are on this journey can be called the real Indians – Amritasya Putrah. 

Last year Union Home Minster Shri L. K. Advani inaugurated the ‘India My Love Week’ and had said that, ‘India My Love’ is a feeling that should extend throughout one’s life instead of just one week.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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