Days of uncreative sanyas are over

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New Delhi, May 10 2002

“Don’t leave this earth / Unless you have made it / A little better than you found it / When you were born / This is the only religion that I know of / All other religions are just fake” – declares Osho in his message to his disciples, though he never wanted them to become missionaries. He taught the
sannyasins not to renounce the world but bring creativity to the world and make it a place worth living. Why seek paradise in the other world-make this earth a paradise. He says: “Sannyas has to become a herald for a new world, the first ray of the dawn. Man is reaching towards total war; all preparations have been made to commit a global suicide. This is what your history has brought you to.All the Alexanders, Napoleons, Stalins, Hitlers and Maos have been working for centuries; now their dream is going to be fulfilled: we can destroy this whole earth within seconds. Destruction has reached its peak; unless creativity also reaches its peak, man cannot be saved.”

The old type of sannyas has been very uncreative. It was thought that somebody becomes a sannyasin and goes to a Himalayan cave and sits there, and that was perfectly alright. They are absolutely uncreative and dull and contribute nothing even for their own living. You see no glow of
intelligence on their face. And the most surprising thing is that people are worshipping them and touching their feet. Why are they touching the feet? Because these sannyasins have renounced the world!

We must stop paying respect to this kind of uncreative sannyas. Osho says in Heart Sutra: “My conception of a sannyasin is that his energy will be creative, that he will bring a little more beauty into the world, that he will bring a little more joy into the world, that he will find new ways to
get into dance, singing, music, that he will bring some beautiful poems. He will create something, he will not be uncreative. The days of uncreative sannyas are over…

“He should contribute something. Remaining uncreative is almost a sin, because you exist and you don’t contribute. You eat, you occupy space, and you don’t contribute anything. My sannyasins have to be creators. And when you are in deep creativity you are close to God. That’s what prayer really
is, that’s what meditation is. God is the creator, and if you are not creators you will be far away from God. God knows only one language, the language of creativity. That’s why when you compose music, when you are utterly lost in it, something of the divine starts filtering out of your being. That is the joy of creativity, that’s the ecstasy.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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