Meditation Camp at Dharali, Gangotri

Osho talks about the Gangotri phenomenon: 

“The energy goes on moving away and away from you, towards the periphery. Once you are the master, the energy starts moving homeward. Kabir, one of the great Indian mystics, has said, “The day I became enlightened, I saw the Ganges flowing upcurrent, flowing back to the source.” He is right: the Ganges then no longer goes towards the ocean; it goes back towards Gangotri, the origin from where it comes in the Himalayas.”

Recently a meditation event took place near the Gangotri, the sacred place where the Ganges originates, to take us to our mystical phenomenon of inner journey of returning to the source. Osho disciple Swami Chaitanya Keerti conducted this meditation camp from 5th September to 8th September. Five new people took initiation into Neo-sannyas which Osho had introduced for the first time on September 26th in Manali, in the Himalayas

The event was organized by Swami Dhyan Udgam ( Source of Meditation) at his Himalyan Resort at Dharali, 20km before Gangotri. Later in the same month, Swami Anand Arun of Osho Tapoban, Nepal and Swami Satish of Osho Resorts, Dehradun also conducted their meditation camps at the same place.

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