Desperately Needed Now: ‘Einstein The Buddha’

News Release
New Delhi, 11 October 2001

The world now needs Einstein the Buddha for the fusion of science and spirituality according to Osho, said Padamshree Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, chairman of Dishnet and former Director of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), in New Delhi on Wednesday evening.

Speaking at the launch of website devoted to the vision of an enlightened master, Dr. Bhatkar said that Osho wanted a Buddha who is an Einstein. This is wonderful; as there is a gap – indeed a chasm – between the religious leaders and scientists.

Speaking at the same event, Padambhushan Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar, Director General of Council for Scientific and Industrial research (SCIR) said, “We have not understood the human mind because if we had, we would have also understood how the human mind could conceptualize the World Trade Centre attack where such a mighty structure could be brought down in a few minutes.

The issues facing us are so intricate that perhaps the very best of our minds are trying to put their minds together to understand the human mind,” he added. “This is the great challenge before us not only to understand human mind but to create that mind which is at peace with itself. I believe that Osho was well ahead of his time in terms of his teachings, his thinking and as a practical man I wonder how his message can reach people by using the new technology as by launching a new site – – today but also be removing the several other impediments in taking that knowledge forward.”

“Can something that Osho said be copyrighted at all? Can an individual form an institution or a foundation to have a right on these great messages both on the form as well as the content? It is quite clear that these messages are so universal, so crucial for this age that the rights truly are universal,” he added. The whole globe of six billion people owns his message. To carry this message forward we will have to remove these technological barriers, mental barriers and the barriers that have been created by our greed to create wealth out of these messages which really belong to all of us.”

The website and a new a simple, browser based Internet computer called NICETOP were launched at the Osho World Galleria in New Delhi. This Internet ready computing hardware has its own Operating System with commonly used applications with most Indian languages.

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