Digital Nirvana – Exhibition of Digital Art and Photographs

From May 6 to May 21 2001 at Osho World Galleria Ansal Plaza

News Release
May 4, 2001

For the first time in the capital, Osho World Foundation presents an Exhibition of Swami Dhyan Utsav’s Digital Art and Photographs at Osho World Galleria entitled “Digital Nirvana”. The exhibition will be inaugurated on the eve of Buddha Purnima, 6th May at 7.00pm by Shri Raghu Rai, internationally recognised as India’s most distinguished photographer.

An internationally travelled photographer of repute, Swami Utsav aka Utsav Arora, has clicked and created these images and paintings – all digitally.

“Osho has inspired to observe everything around me with a different perspective and many times when I click and capture an unusual shot, I feel I am in meditation with my Master,” says Utsav who has dedicated his exhibition at the feet of his beloved spiritual mentor.

Ustav’s articles and work has appeared in various news media and he has earlier worked on assignment for Osho World Hindi Monthly Magazine, Times of India group, Media Transasia, Indian Express and Internet magazines. His earlier years at the Osho Commune and at Osho Times International as Head of Computer Support gave him considerable exposure to the computer as a tool in photography, designing and print technology. Apart from being an experienced Photographer he is an avid Computer geek and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer that makes him proficient as a Digital Multimedia Consultant.

He now works mainly on commercial assignments. Though he is adept with fashion, Product and travel photography, his forte lies in the Fusion of Computer Technology and the art of photography as he feels there is tremendous creative possibility with the advent of modern software, faster computers and increasingly professional quality digital cameras.

He confesses he is a wandering gypsy soul at heart and loves to travel hence he now concentrates more on opportunities and assignments that allow him to see the beauty and of this planet and Existence as a whole.

He warns of increasingly hostile human interference in Nature and the fast degradation of the environment.

For further information please contact
Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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