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October 16

At the launch of oshworld.com, it’s

The wonderful message of Osho is that, we want a Buddha who is also an Einstein, said one of India’s leading scientists, Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, at Osho World on 10 October.

Dr. Bhatkar led a team of professionals developed the Param Super Computers in mid-1980s. This made him nationally and internationally known. He is a member of the scientific advisory committee to the Indian government. For his contribution to science the Indian government recently awarded him a Padmashree, one of the highest civilian honours.

Dr. Bhatkar went on, “If we look at the origins of knowledge in India and many parts of the world, it was the philosophy that led the seeking of knowledge. Science followed much later.

If you look at the last four centuries when science has moved ahead, the philosophers or the religious people or thinkers have not been able to understand what science is talking about. And there is a gap, there is a chasm that scientists say something, the philosophers say something. Osho tells us now that gyan or spirituality and vigyan or science must be brought together.

“We require a Buddha, we also need an Albert Einstein. Otherwise science cannot solve the problem. We have seen that how the technology can be used in an entirely different way. We saw a new kind of war, which is being created because of totally new kind of weapons. Biological weapons and chemical weapons!

“Today we are here for the inauguration of oshoworld website this is brought to life by technology. The inauguration of new Internet appliance! This is a beautiful synthesis of science and technology!

“What we want is a deeper dialogue between science and spirituality,” said Dr. Bhatkar.

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