Excerpts from a live chat with Director, Osho World Foundation, Swami Chaitanya Keerti

20 October, 2000 Friday 3.00 to 4.00pm

Q: In today’s environment of extreme competitiveness where does the paradigm of spirituality fit in. How do we strike the right balance? -Lolo
A: Spirituality is all-inclusive. Spirituality does not deny any aspect of life. One can be in the world, fully creative and contributing to all spheres of life.

Q: Isn’t honesty and sincerity a social crime when all the books and the management gurus just preach and practice any means and ways just to reach on top of such an extreme world of competitiveness? How does a sincere person supposed to survive in managing all the takeovers and underhand dealing, arm-twisting tactics etc? -Jogi
A: Sincere people don’t have to worry about all these things. Sincerity is a reward unto itself. It can give you such a joy that no competitiveness can ever give you.

Q: How do we master “getting what we like and liking what we get” in today’s environment? – Jogi
A: Just live meditatively, moment to moment, life will bring you all kinds of gifts. Be receptive and grateful.

Q: How insecure is a top management executive vis-a-vis his own performance? – Kabul
A: Insecurity exists on all levels of management. The fact is that we are insecure within ourselves. We don’t have self-esteem and self-confidence. Meditation gives you energy and confidence.

Q: Is spirituality all about being happy or just being good? -Ananya A: Spirituality is a multi-dimensional life. It is beyond good and happiness. It’s all about knowing oneself and living life in totality.

Q: Does one have to be spiritual to be contented? -Ananya
A: Yes.

Q: How can we be spiritual in a world which believes in being streetsmart? -Ananya
A: World can believe in anything. That’s not your responsibility. You be spiritual, that’s enough.

Q: How to control mind when one is angry? -Jogin
A: Drop this language of control, just watch and witness your mind, your thoughts, your anger, your greed, your watching will transform everything. Watching and witnessing is a great alchemy of transformation.

Q: I have two daughters. Can they perform my last rites? Who will otherwise, if they cannot? -Darling
A: Sure they should perform the last rites. Because love is the criteria in all relationships, nothing else matters.

Q: How to avoid disliking a person who is a cheat? -Mona
A: Don’t worry about the other. You be a flower and spread your fragrance.

Q: What is the use of gold thrones and lavish poojas in the name of God when there are a million orphans in the world? -Koyal
A: Yes, I don’t like the gold thrown or lavish poojas. What we need to do is to transform ourselves. Transformation brings compassion and intelligence. These two things are most important for the upliftment of any country or society.

Q: When will Osho be back? -Keerath
A: Osho is right here. Osho lives in the hearts of all his lovers. Osho is a fragrance. Meditate and you too will realise this.

Q: Why I have been born in this world?
A: Don’t go into this philosophy. You are born, this is a reality. Just make your life more meaningful. Bring joy to your life.

Q: Why God has created different moral values for different religions? What is wrong for one is recommended to another, when we are working with people following all kinds of religions closely we are leaving our children mighty confused. Any solutions here?
A: God has not created anything. Morality and immorality is the creation of the society. Forget all kinds of religions and just be religious. A religious person lives with alertness and awareness. The real morality is the result of meditative way of living.

Q: How does one improve his mind power? -Lolo
A: Bring more awareness to your life. Be watchful of the thoughts going on in your head. The clarity will dawn on you.

Q: How does one control the desires? Which are the root cause of all problems? Is it possible to be desire-free? -Diya
A: Yes, it is possible to be desire-free but not by controlling. Witness your desires, live your desires, understand them and go beyond them. There is no other escape route.

Q: What is your message to the youth of India? -Jogi
A: Live intensely. Live dangerously, drop the past, be in the present and embrace life whatever it brings to you. Be meditative and creative. All the joys are yours.

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