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Lake Constance, Europe, May 20, 2002, lippert@podium-institut

open letter to the sangham from ramarshi

…”To revolt is not easy. You need to have tremendous resources within you; otherwise you become futile, your words don’t have the traditional depth. Tradition gives a certain depth, a certain richness, a certain refinement. A single individual, if he stands against all tradition, needs to be of a great genius, of great creativity……

This is what is happening in our constellations. It is a rebellion from the heart against all traditions you keep alive in you. There are mostly 3 or 4 strong rivers of tradition in the whole past of the participant. At the end of a constellation the heart of the participant has the same depth like the tradition in him. Only when the depth of the heart equals the depth of the tradition in you, you can be called a great enough genius in the heart, as far as transforming yourself is concerned. Creativity on mass for transformation is there when the master is alive, but when he is gone the depth of 3 generations in your own past is needed; to revolt against your own past of tradition from your heart. Just to have enough creativity free for your self transformation. Self transformation is starting usually in the second year.

To rebel against the tradition who formed your ego, needs the rebellion against at least 3 generations of cultures. At least this i can say about my own transformation.

….In the hands of Ma Tzu, Zen became again fresh – as fresh as Buddha wanted it to be. After a thousand years, Buddha would have loved Bodhidharma and Ma Tzu, the people who rebelled.

Only a non traditional state of consciousness is pure in freshness. The collective unconsciousness is a very polluted water. Polluted with non truths. Full with believes and disbelieves. This waters are so full of junk that to travel them exhaust the soul. It is the water you must travel in the dark night of the soul, to reach to the spring of freshness in consciousness. This spring of freshness is left in the rebellion. And it is needed for the buddhafield to stay alive. We had to drill and dig deep into the collective subconsciousness in the last 12 years. But most of us simply wasted the last 12 years with trying to be respected by the tradition we relate to.

The new man has now that fresh and clean state. And he can hold it in a world wide frame in his consciousness. This is a global rebellion and has never happened in the past. So, the work was almost too much for the hearts in transformation.

A rebellious spirit loves the very creativity that any rebel brings to any action…..

Yes, with this creativity you become in your action original, whatsoever you do. A very cool thing to happen in a human life. In this original actions the water of that spring of pure consciousness flows. From inside to the outside.

….Isan also wanted to rebel against Ma Tzu. It was not against Ma Tzu, but the Ma Tzu that the tradition had created. It is a strange phenomenon: Isan loved Ma Tzu as he loved Buddha and Bodhidharma, but he could not accept the rituals that had grown afterwards, when they had died….

When the master is gone, the unconscious and non transformed people create a tradition of heritage build by ego motivations, How can this be accepted by a genius of the heart. Through this ego motivations the whole past tradition dominates each and every action of the collective unconsciousness. To rebel against that is needed this days to simply stay spiritual alive. I understand this practically! Our last constellations have shown this fact crystal clear. No one can stay alive spiritual as a part of any tradition. To be an heritage holder is to be a spiritual killerand not in any way able to be amongst the new man.

….You cannot be polite and revolutionary; you have to be iconoclastic and you have to hit hard against the dead tradition. Politeness will make you respectable, but not revolutionary. And that is what happened – it is a misfortune – Isan became a respectable master. Because he became respectable he lost the grandeur of a revolutionary. Whenever a person becomes respectable, he cannot say anything against the mass mind.

This is what i noticed too in my work, at the latest after one year of the constellation. People who are missing to transform themselves after a year and who do not start to revolt against the collective subconsciousness after the second year, simply stay stuck in personal issues. They do not go beyond the personal frame. Like Anando, Ananta, Ali, Atmo, Nirmegha and Nisang. They maybe are only after respectability from the unconscious masses. I always guessed they simply are not creative people. They only understand tradition and the loyalty it needs to the collective and from the collective, to simply keep ones respected position in the tradition. The same i noticed with this self exposed idiots of the tibetan house like Prabhutha, Nirvata and so on.

But as much Dheeraj and Kavisha tried to make it a long lasting mummy, some grave yard ghost will always come sooner or later to burn the mummy to ashes. It takes too much of the room and no space for emptiness is left. With this mummy in place, it is hard to get the hidden treasure out and share it with the world.

The collective unconsciousness will feel hurt if he says anything revolutionary, and anything revolutionary will take away the respectability.”

All who are a blind part of the collective unconsciousness, all who are not a light unto themselves, feel hurt by the actions of the revolting individual. And there is no sensitivity in them about the consequences of the violent actions, done by the tradition holders and their helpers against consciousness. Even when the action to establish the tradition is killing a living master, they have no sensitivity of anything going wrong in their hearts. Such deep is their unconsciousness in the resort and tibetan house. That means only one thing: They are totally drowned in the collective unconsciousness of the old man and are not of the genius who is needed to welcome the new man. But if you question the tradition they are in, they are ready to kill, again and again. You have seen the hitting against me and my work in pune and shooting attempts of the tibetan house in the last year. It was not expected that the old man will be graceful on his deathbed. His final words had all the ugliness he collected in a life of going up and down the leader of respectability in any traditional hierarchy.

Love Ramarshi

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