He added a ‘creative dimension’ to meditation

Times of India
3 November

HANDIGARH: “The grace and feminism in his looks yet the fieryness in his words impressed me instantly. Osho was a revolutionary,” said Ma Yog Neelam recapitulating the moment when she met him for the first time in 1969 at Ludhiana.
“I was a 20 then, married and had a daughter. Initially we used to attend his discourses and meditation camps whenever he visited Ludhiana. In 1974 when the commune was established at Pune we used to go there in vacations. Finally, in 1981 we left for Oregon, USA to attend his commune where stayed back along with my daughter,” she said.
Describing Osho, she said that even in chaotic situations he could remain composed and guide others. “He was like one of us, very ordinary but extraordinary at the same time. He has given honour to women and this has impressed me,” she said.
On his philosophy, she said that Osho preached that one should meditatively enjoy this world which gives a high dimension to life. “He believed in Zorba the Buddha, which is a concept for the new man. Outwardly one should enjoy life while enriching it inwardly at the same time. He believed that meditation leads to celebration. It is the inner joy which is expressed in external bliss. Osho added a creative dimension to meditation,” she said.
Detailing about the meditation process she said that this world is like a leela of god who is Natraj. Dance and dancer are inseparable. God is the dancer and this world is his dance. Dance too can express the feeling of oneness with god, she said.
On her experiences in Oregon she said that the westerners are better at planning. They lay emphasis on detail, but can not handle chaos. Indians, Italians and the Spanish are better at it. Interacting with them I learnt to express myself without being emotional, which we Indians lack, she said.
Speaking on carnal desires she said that they should not be suppressed but understood and sublimated rather. “Opulence in life is justified if accompanied by meditation. We should aim at becoming Samriddha Narayan and not Daridra Narayan as preached by our saints. Being dharmic does not mean sacrificing the worldly pleasures. Bring meditation in your life and all problems will be resolved,” she added.

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