Letter from Krisana

(May 2001)

Beloved Keerti,
How are you?

Wow……………. the web-pages are so, so, so beautiful, alive, glowing with the masters presence, when I was reading all that is there I felt so connected with all my friends.

About me,
I am still here in Chile and we are in the 6th day of crying in the Mystic Rose, it is very deep and it is lifting off a whole layer of the misery and pain that Chile has been carrying.
This time 5 people from Revista Economia (economic magazine), also doctors and nurses participating in the group. No one is sannyasin although there hearts are all being synchronised and each day there gratitude for the Mystic Rose goes deeper, each day they thank me and I say thank Osho it is his gift to the world.

The people work until 7.00 p.m. and then jump into the group which starts on time from 8.00 to 11.00 p.m., their trust and courage is immense. AND the biggest mystery of this Mystic Rose is that 2 days before the demonstration evening I was advertised on a top radio program at 8.30 in the morning and in a popular daily newspaper. (I don’t have that kind of money to promote)

Apparently an education institute where I had used a room to give an invitation night of Osho’s meditation and meditative therapies, 3 months ago, made a mistake and advertised the same night again with my telephone number exactly a day before the demo.

And there I was making Dynamic meditation in the morning as my energy was a little down a little shaky about the Mystic Rose, I said to myself O.K. I trust….. (I forgot to unplug the telephone) and then all of a sudden a flood of phone calls from the radio advertising, all day I was answering telephone calls.
It is a great cosmic joke for me……. Osho works in strange ways.

Keerti, where are you living in Pune or in Delhi? How can I participate with you to keep the flame alive????
Send much love to all the friends, and from here all my heart can feel is YES, TO THIS VERY MOMENT,
much love

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