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Anant Ki Pukar, a new Hindi book by Osho has just been published. This beautiful book costs only forty rupees and can be purchased from Osho Commune bookshop.

What Osho says in the very first discourse is an eye-opener to all the sannyasins, especially those who are involved in Osho’s work.

He says, “This is not a propaganda. This is not to create an organization. We don’t want to create a center that could become powerful. But we have to spread the message in such a way that it is without the help of a cult or an organization, without creating any powerful center. Hence a deep contemplation is needed.”
“We want to create a group of friends, we don’t want to make an organization. In a group everybody is equal, equally valuable. Nobody is an officer, nobody is respectable, nobody is low and nobody is high. And each person has come because of love. Except love, there are no orders that have to be obeyed.

“Certainly, the group of friends has different rules and organization has different rules. The group of friends is totally chaotic, anarchic institution. An organization is well-planned structure, bound by rules and dogmas. I don’t wish to bind you in rules and dogmas, because I am fighting against them. Such organizations already exist all over the world. Shall we make one more such organization?”

A few years ago one such organization was created in New York. This organization claimed the ownership of everything that Osho created after 1953, the year of Osho’s enlightenment; when Osho was no longer a person but dissolved as ego into the ocean of existence. He had no claims over anything. But these self-styled disciples who made New York as their new base to claim ownership of Osho’s works started doing things against the vision and wishes of our beloved master. This organization is called Osho International Foundation. It has been sending legal notices to Osho lovers who have been working for Osho out of love. Osho Dhyan Mandir in New Delhi registered the name of its website and fast came the legal notice, in which I was described by them as their former employee and not as a disciple or lover. Also Osho International Foundation, New York threatened in this notice that it will cancel and withdraw the center’s name Osho Rajyoga Center that has been in existence since 1978, with Osho’s blessings. The reason given was that we were not limiting our activities according to the rules set by them (These three people in New York) we are expanding beyond the limit.

Did Osho believe in limits? Can Osho’s work be confined? I have a passion and resources to share Osho’s revolutionary insights as widely as possible – free of cost, as a gift. Do I need any permission from this so-called headquarters in New York? The purpose of is just that. But we are being challenged to waste our resources in fighting legal battles as they wasted Commune’s one million rupees in advertisement against Ma Yoga Neelam. The same amount of money could have been used creatively, to publish his books or distribute his audios. Now I am being harassed continuously as I have to keep coming every now and then from New Delhi to Pune to appear in the court cases, which are basically commune’s cases but the management team is not interested to finish them. They are being unnecessarily prolonged and me and Vairagya are being harassed.

My suggestions to Osho lovers are to go ahead and share Osho and his vision in every possible way, without bothering about self-declared owners of Osho’s works. As a disciple everybody has an equal right to share Osho. Osho says that he has no successors or all of his sannyasins are his successors. He says: ” I will be dissolved into my people.”

Now “my people” have to be watchful that such words like “my people”, “my sannyasins”, “my commune” is being edited out from books. The Book of Wisdom is one example of such editing. Instead of including more people into “my people”, such heart-touching words of feeling are being removed. It is quite clear that “my people” look threatening to the power hungry controllers.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Quotes: Meditation in Action from Anant Ki Pukar

Osho says that he prefers a group of friends to an organisation. A group of friends accomodates a variety of people, with all the differences of opinions. Everybody is free, nobody is in any bondage. Wherever one feels in a bondage, the meritorious person starts feeling hardship. Evolved consciousness does not want to be in bondage. So we have to keep it so open that when somebody joins us he should not feel bound, he should feel free. Whether he comes in or goes out, he should not feel any difference about it. Such a group can be formed, such a party of friends can be formed – with such largeness. Because any body who joins in the beginning does not know how big this revolution is.

Osho says further that those who are interested to spread any thought, they have to remember constantly to make this circle of friends bigger. Once a person comes in contact he should become our friend for ever. And I want to remind you that you should not worry so much about money, you should take more care about the friends. We should not worry about the friends just because we want money from them. Then everything will go topsy-turvy. Money comes with friends just like a shadow with a man… Man comes, with him follows his strength, his love, his power, his shadow. And then the shadow comes dancing, you don’t need to go somewhere to bring it.

Osho emphasises that he wants to base this whole thing on love. The whole meaning of this work is that we are being connected with the larger society of people, we are relating with many people. And if we can relate with people each time with love, only then our work is good, artful and successful.

Osho talkes about his centers. He says that there sould be small units all over the country. They should start their work according to their capacity. But remember that they are not branches, they are independent units. And there’s nobody above them to give them orders. I don’t agree that there should be such a thing that somebody from above should say: do this way or that way. Then begins the hierarchy, the whole vicious circle begins. Each unit is independent. Sure they can consult each other, but they all have to function in their own way. They can look at each others’ constitution and whatever is beneficial can be adopted.

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