Globo Cop Bush in RSS firing line

The Times of India
New Delhi, 15 March, 2004

[ FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2004 05:06:20 PM ]

NEW DELHI: Look who’s bashing George Bush now. It’s the RSS, slamming the US for playing “Globo-cop.” 

The Sangh picked up from where Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee left it this week at a BJP minorities meet. Vajpayee’s oblique reference was clearly aimed at Iraq-sympathisers in the largely Muslim gathering. The RSS has been provoked by the US State Department’s annual human rights report, which has described Indian democracy as “flawed”. 

RSS spokesman Ram Madhav on Thursday described it as an “insult to the democratic people of our country” and “a direct interference in the internal matters of India.”. 

The Sangh has asked the Indian government to lodge “strong protests with the US for infringing on the sovereignty of our country.” 

US President George Bush, bound for another election, came in for some hammering: “It will be the saddest day for India if it were to seek lessons on democracy, communal harmony, social justice etc from a country which is run by a person who assumed Presidency despite losing public vote…a democracy that was made to hang precariously for one full month because of its inability to decide who actually won.” 

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