Osho is still driving everyone crazy!?

Indian Express: Pune Newsline
Tea Lounge column : July 16.
Vinita Deshmukh

A couple of Osho’s Rolls Royces are up for re-sale and the price it seems is equivalent to the price of a bungalow in Koregaon Park. Any takers?

Guru Poornima has just gone by and like many other gurus, Osho too was remembered fondly, by his disciples, across the globe. His unique meditation techniques and his novel philosophy of Zorba, the Buddha, has made him internationally well-known, with his name and works, not blurred by the sands of time.?

More interestingly, his mind-boggling fleet of 92 Rolls Royces was the ultimate stamp to gurudom meant for the rich, which proclaimed the philosophy, that you can spiritually grow by blending materialism into it, harmoniously. More than a decade after his death now, his Rolls Royces, are still the talk of the world, adorned as they are with a ‘heritage tag’ of a name that created a storm all over the world. Apparently, all the 92 Rolls Royces, were sold to a texas automobile dealer after disbanding of the ranch commune, but some of them are up for re-sale now, taking advantage of the ‘heritage value.’.?
Tea Lounge came across an e-discussion group, wherein this message was punched on June 29, from one Alan Wade. ”Subject: Osho Rolls Royce – For Sale.?
– beautifully custom-painted!?
– superb condition, less than 6K miles!?
– original title, OR license plate, ownership docs?
– currently located in Boca Raton, Florida?
– can email digital photos?
For more info and to give your suggestions on how to let the Osho community know about this, please email: a1awade@yahoo.com?
Another message was punched by one Sw Prabhunikat which states – ”Osho’s ‘Black Kimono’ Rolls Royce for Sale.?
” A beautiful legend of the Japanese, ‘The Black Kimono’, has been transferred from pen to paintbrush, on an automobile as its canvas. A 1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spur is adorned with rich inspiring colors to create a brilliant work of art.?
”The Black Kimono car is inspired by the Kimono patterns of Itchiku Kubota in “Opulence”. On the top of the car is a headpiece highlighting one of the gold and silver robes in the book. The design captures the rays of light emitting from the metallic materials. The body of the car is psychadelic in color, inspired by the kimonos themselves. Transparent acrylic colors overlap base-tinted hues, to give depth to the car’s surface, an effect similar to light passing through silk.?
”A collection piece driven in America by the Indian Mystic OSHO (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), this rare automobile has only 6300 miles on it, and has been meticulously preserved and maintained. This one of a kind artpiece is now available for purchase in Los Angeles, California. The price is equivalent in amount to a bungalow (house) located in Koregaon Park, Pune, India, near Osho Commune International.” Any takers amongst our city vintage car enthusiasts??

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