Looks like music companies are now getting into releasing albums catering to niche markets. After Navras which brings out only classical albums, Oorja Music has entered the market as a spiritual music company. It makes its debut with a five cassette pack viz: Walekum Salaam, Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Ram Ras Piya Re, Hari Om Namo Narayan and Om Namah Shivay – La Ilaha Ilallah under the aegis of Osho Oorja – Kirtan. Classified as Oorja Kirtan, Oorja intrumentals and Oorja meditation, the album is based on Osho’s vision of music, dance and meditation and the inlay says it is the result of Swami Chaitanya Bharti’s experimentation in the field of music, meditation and spiritual growth.

Truly enough, each of the five albums is refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing. For people interested in meditating, the inlay offers detailed instructions on the synergy between the time and music required for meditation and the subsequent goal.

So, those who are interested and believe in the musical way to self-discovery, go for this album. The religious-minded too can sample it cause it has kirtans and mantras chosen from diverse religions including Islamic Sufism, Sikhism and Buddhism besides the traditional Hindu chants.

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