Osho World Invites Mehdi Hassan: His Longing goes deeper than his native village

News Release
June 14, 2001

To the favourite ghazal singer of Osho Mehdi Hassan, Osho World Foundation has extended a warm invitation to India and more particularly Delhi. “We hope for his speedy and full recovery so that he may come to Delhi,” said Swami Chaitanya Keerti, “Osho World Foundation would be delighted to welcome him, honour him and, if possible, organize a public function/mehfil to felicitate him.”

“When he was in his body, Osho used to listen to Mehdi Hassan’s music and enjoyed it. Mehdi’s recent
statements about forging better cultural links on the sub-continent are most welcome as culture can bridge the communication gap to create greater understanding. “More significant, however, is Mehdi Hassan’s longing to visit his native village Luna in Rajasthan which points to an eternal craving to return to the source. The real source, of course, is the inner self which one constantly seeks but gets diverted in going back to one’s birthplace or the persuit of wealth or power.

“If one has the strong yearning to go back to one’s birthplace, it is an indicator of a deeper spiritual search which remains unknown to most people as Lao Tzu, “TO RETURN TO THE ROOTS IS REPOSE.” Osho explains: “These words are very precious: “TO RETURN TO THE ROOT IS REPOSE.” This knowledge of returning back to the fundamental root is the actual going back. To re-attain one’s roots is the supreme repose.

In this deeper search, Osho’s meditation music can be the first step of a journey with the ultimate goal of self discovery,” added Swami Keerti. Osho has extensively used Urdu poetry in his discourses to drive home many of these points in a literary genre; his overall aim was to point to the deeper understanding of ‘ishak’ in Urdu poetry which is not only the infatuation between a man and a woman but can also be taken a step further to show the same phenomenon between man and God,” said Swami Keerti. His discourses on various Indian mystics have a liberal sprinkling of Urdu shers or couplets from many famous ‘ghazals’ and poetry by established Urdu poets as he takes the flight from the known to the unknown on the wings of these couplets,” said Swami Keerti.

“All people who are creative are close to religion. Religion is the greatest creativity because it is an effort to give birth to yourself, to become a father and mother to yourself, to be born again, to be reborn through meditation, through awareness. Poetry is good, painting is good – but when you give birth to your own consciousness, there is no comparison. Then you have given birth to the ultimate poetry, the ultimate music, the ultimate dance. This is the dimension of creativity. On the rung of creativity, religion is the last. It is the greatest art, the ultimate art – that’s why I call it ‘the ultimate alchemy’.”
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