There is nowhere to go and nothing to attain. You are already there where you need to be. Seeking is the only sin. Searching is the only way of going astray.

Newton Hooton gets up one morning, walks into the bathroom, turns on the tap, but it does not work. So he calls out to his wife, Helen Hooton, in the bedroom, “Hey, honey, the water tap doesn’t work!” “Well, sweetie,” calls back Helen, “you are the man in the house – you fix it!” “Hey, I’m no plumber,” replies Newton.
Then he goes over to the clothes closet to get his suit, and the door handle comes off in his hand. “Hey, Helen,” shouts Newton, “the closet door handle is broken!” “Well, darling, you are the man in the house,” shouts back Helen, “You fix it!” “Hey, I’m no carpenter!” snaps Newton, and he goes downstairs for his breakfast. But when he switches on the light in the kitchen, the bulb pops. “Hey, honey,” shouts out Newton. “The light is busted!” “Well, sugar-pie,” calls back Helen, “why don’t you fix it?” “Hey, I’m no electrician,” shouts back Newton, and he goes off to work.
That evening, Newton comes home and sees a new light bulb in the kitchen. He goes upstairs, and the door handle on the closet is fixed. Then he goes into the bathroom, and the water tap works. “Hey, honey,” shouts out Newton. “Who fixed all these broken things in the house?” “Well, baby-cakes,” calls back Helen, “Burton Belch from next door must have heard us shouting this morning, so he came over and offered to fix everything.” “That’s great, honey,” shouts Newton. “But what did he want in payment?” “Well dearie,” replies Helen, “he said I could either screw him or bake him a cake.” “Hey, honey,” shouts Newton, “that is nice – what kind of cake did you bake him?” “Hey, poopsie,” calls out Helen, “I’m no baker!”

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