Rediscovering Pune

Parkful of peace

Indian Express, Pune
11 March 2004

Art collector Surabhi Nag loves the green peace in the Osho Teerth 

Uma Karve 

Pune, March 11: THE peace and the soothing green environs have drawn  Surabhi Nag time and again to the OshoTeerth, also known as the Osho Nullah Park in Koregaon Park. A frequent visitor at the park, the salt ‘n’ pepper haired lady avers, ‘‘this is one of the few places where I get a lot of peace.’’ 

And so when she’s agitated or upset, Nag drives to the park, rich in flora, specially bamboos and palms to calm down in no time. ‘‘I have a nice garden at home too, but to actually sit there quietly is not always possible. Either the phone rings or someone drops in, so the Osho Teerth which is close to home makes for a great option,’’ states Nag. 

Nag’s fondness for the place began years ago. ‘‘I have watched the park develop to the green haven it is today from the time it was a regular waste ground,’’ says Nag. ‘‘The plant and tree lined pathways offer just the right respite from a tiring day and the gurgling water flow keeps the lush environment cool,’’ states Nag. 

What also adds to the special appeal for the place is that, 

‘‘They recycle the nullah water for the plants. Conservation is all important today,’’ she adds. 

The aesthetic beauty of the place has charmed the art collector as well. ‘‘The benches and the statue of Buddha give it an extra attractive touch,’’ smiles Nag.

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