Pyrimads in Pune

Times of India
2 October 2001


UNE: Osho’s fascination with pyramids and all the esoteric concepts associated with them; his dream that a massive one be constructed right here in Pune, is now turning into a distinct reality.
What is coming up near Hotel Blue Diamond in Koregaon Park is the tallest of the half-a-dozen black Osho pyramids that already exist in the city. The latest one is, of course, no competition with any of the Egyptian ones. Nevertheless, at nine-storeys high, the Pune Pyramid is set to change the city’s skyline.
In its present state, the pyramid with aluminium sheets covering its three sides is visble from quite a distance and gleams like shining silver in the bright sunlight. When completed by the beginning of next year, it will be black- the characteristic colour of all Osho buildings in town.
The Osho Commune has big plans for this pyramid: Nine storeys high from the outside and six-storeys high from inside. Fully airconditioned. Supported on just four pillars. And floored with dark green Udaipur marble. It will have no carpets or curtains and will have indirect indoor lighting apart from natural light coming in through the wide windows.
“This is the most sacred space for me. I am so happy that I am a part of this construction,” says Osho Sanyasin Ma Gatha who is supervising all aspects of the project. Her sentiments are understandable as the pyramid is the piece-de-resistance of Osho Commune’s on-going constructions.
An obvious question about the project is its cost; but Gatha and others at the commune will not discuss the cost. “I don’t know” is the simple answer.
Blue-eyed with a strong European accent, she will also not give her legal name or talk of her background. “It’s all so irrelevant…All that is the past,” she says, shrugging off these queries.
Turn back to the Pyramid story and there’s Gatha, right in her element again.
“Osho wanted a closed meditation hall and he was fascinated with pyramid. We are constructing this as this new Buddha hall was on his wish list, says Gatha.
The other reason for a “closed meditation hall” is to avoid complaints from Osho Commune’s neighbours at Koregaon Park. Apart from long periods of silence, Osho meditations involve a lot of screaming and shouting, laughter and crying. Angry neighbours is definitely an issue that needed to be tackled.
Giving an aesthetic touch to the pyramid will be enormous quantities of water. The pyramid, in fact, will be surrounded by a water body and access to it will be over a small bridge from inside one of the commune complexes.
Adjoining the Pyramid is a 60-room guesthouse that is being constructed. And below the pyramid a massive kitchen- constructed to European standards and specifications. According to Gatha, the kitchen will have the capacity to feed up to 5,000 people.
About the four-storey high guesthouse, says Gatha, “It will be simple, but elegant and with a touch of luxury. It will have most facilities of a modern hotel- but without room service, telephone or television. The rooms will, however, be cleaned thrice a day,” she says.
According to Gatha and the Prem Richa, Osho wanted the guesthouse to be called “Dharmashala” and have it house visitors and meditators at the commune. But the commune has decided to do away with the term “Dharmashala” and call it, simply, “guesthouse.”
The commune’s backgrounder on the pyramid says that Osho wanted the pyramids in Pune because of their “potential to deepen meditation.” He also believed that if the pyramids are used widely, life could be prolonged.
Quoting Osho, the commune backgrounder says, “If it becomes a routine exercise for every child, in every home, in every school, in every college, life can be stretched up to three hundred years. Just one hour every day inside the pyramid, and you are not to do anything, just sit there. It is helpful in both ways: It will preserve your life, and that one hour of well-being will give you a deep feeling of meditation. The people who created the pyramids must have been mystics who had come to such a clarity to see things which are not available to us.”
Much of this may fascinate some (Osho followers, particularly) and sound gibberish to others. But hey, what the heck, if you have the money, why not make life interesting by building pyramids…Why not make Pune a city of pyramids and live longer than the rest of the world!

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