Religion Of Sane People Is Love


Times of India
6 October, 2001

”OSAMA bin Laden does not live in Afghanistan”, declare the fundamentalists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. ”He lives in our hearts”, they proclaim, loudly and proudly.
Terrorism and its poisonous weeds have no permanent address in any country. They live and flourish in the hearts of people and in almost all parts of the world, and the most surprising thing is that the so-called religions are responsible for this poisonous growth.
The world has become clearly divided between two expressions of religion. The choice is between the religion of terrorism and the true religion of self-transformation and compassion for the world.
The religion of terrorism may be divided into thousands of sects and ideologies but it is united by one common goal that has only one name: Terrorism. The people opting for this religion will live and die for it.
The other religion which is the religion of the sane people is the religion without any name and can be labelled as the ‘pure religiousness of self-transformation’. It helps in moulding people as better human beings with values of love, compassion and non-violence.
They may believe or not believe in any ideology, they may worship any God or not, but they transform themselves with meditation and share their awareness, bliss and compassion with all who come in contact with them.
In the hearts of such people lives the fragrance of enlightenment of all the buddhas, mystics and saints. But, unfortunately, such people are not in big numbers.
These flowers of meditation and compassion have been outnumbered by the weeds of hatred and violence. And now there is an urgency to restore the balance between these two forces, otherwise the oscillation towards violence will destroy the world very soon, whether Nostradamus predicted it or not.
Hundreds of thousands of people are needed around the world to meditate and create good vibes to balance the forces of death and destruction.
There is an urgency and situation of emergency. Such people belonging to any religion should unite in the spread of human values and restore the balance.
In his book In Search of the Miraculous, written more than 30 years ago, Osho had predicted that the coming few years are going to be very significant years in man’s history.
Now a handful of people will be of no help in spiritual matters. Unless a mighty and massive spiritual movement sweeps the earth, it will be impossible to save the world from the mire of materialism.
It will be a very, very momentous moment in a person’s life; the coming 50 years are going to be fateful and decisive, in the sense that either religion, or stark irreligion — all that is against religion, will live.
The struggle that has been going on from time immemorial has reached its moment of decision. And looking at the situation as it obtains at present, there is not much hope.
But I am not disappointed because it seems to me that very soon a simple and natural way can be found which will revolutionise the lives of millions of people spiritually. A few individuals can be of no help in the present times.
In olden times it was enough if only one person became enlightened. Now this would not do. In view of the tremendous explosion of population taking place in the world, a few individuals cannot do a thing.
Now something tangible can be possible only if, commensurate with the huge population, hundreds of thousands of people are influenced and involved in spiritualism. And it is possible as I see it.
If a few people form a nucleus and begin the work, India can play a significant role in that momentous fight. No matter how poor and miserable, how degraded and slavish, how misled and misguided this country has been, yet this land has some well preserved treasures with it.
Down the centuries such people have walked across this land that their light, their fragrance, their blessings have left their vibes in the air, have left their imprint on every blade of grass here.
People in this country have gone astray but the dust of this land still remembers Buddha’s feet walking on it, the trees still cherish the memory that Mahavira had once stood in their shade, the seas surrounding this country still know a different voice they had heard in the past and the skies of this country are still full of hope.
Everything is there, only the human being has to come back home, to nature.
In this time of great upheaval India has a historical role to perform, as it has the reservoir of eternal wisdom that no country has been blessed with.

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