Response from a mystice rose from Berlin

(November 25, 2000)

That’s just the way it is..if things get the command to change..”
Hi beloveds, i have some suggestions for actions..
1.we should organize a OSHO-FOR-ALL love parade, Zorba the Bhudda style, in every city with an Osho center..maybe on the day he left his we had it when he was imprísioned in Amerika..and somehow isn’t a part of him prisoned there again?It would serve several purposes..and its no longer an internal sannyas affair..the puplic has to be made aware that also in Oshos caravan, there are priests now , who’s main interest is manipulation and how to make spiritual seekers dependend on them..Or can you still fullheartedly recommend anybody you love to go to Poona? Since some years i’m boycotting the ashram..cause why should i support a place, sing songs of love and freedom, where the same principles rule that make the “outside world ” so unbearable ugly??Tyranny, slavery, corruption, bureaucratism,greed in diguise of spirituality..I’d rather see this “commune?” closed, though its the birthplace of my soul, the place where i’ve expierienced the most precious moments of my life,then to see them establish that dead religion around thier trade mark Osho.-One hour, from 7 to 8, worship, with the closest-to-HIM bosses in front seats, and the employed staff behind..” It’s so serious here” i once heard a maybe 20 year old girl, say to her friends, the‡ left after 2 days, would have done the same..A dead monarchy with it’s priests and bureaucrats..2.suggestion is to found something like an Osho-for-all foundation, in which sannyasins can donate money for trails or to help sannyasins who got in trouble through Oif..see letter below..or if nothing workes out to buy land where we can create a new Osho Commune International, where Osho is lived , where his new man Zorba the Bhudda is live,where the rebel, who is against everything that hinders the growth of a new loving, playfull, peacefull, creative humanity, is lived.So how many sannyasins are we around the world?? I’m talking of seekers of the truth not those of power who after Osho left his body became, which hidden law in existence made this possible?:vultures…Battening themselves on what Osho has left behind for all of us..It’s time to scare them away..Thier stench and bloodthirst has expelled too many songbirds, butterflies,children from his garden already..So suppose we are 20.000 around the world , though i fell the number is far bigger, and everybody donates , lets say , from 5$ to what ever he or she can afford,each month, wewill have enough money to drag them! to court..chirag made me think about that how can it be legal that non indians can prohibite indian citizians to enter the shrine of thier indian master????Are they the guests of India or its host again? a very receptive ma told me one day after Osho left his body, that we ought to buy all his audiotapes cause they, could’t imagine at that time who “they” would be, will change his words..Osho’s words out of thier mouth’s are just tools, like every religion does it, to manipulate and dominate people..don’t believe them anything anymore.So be aware, Michael O’Bryne, George Meredith, Klaus Steeg, D’arcy O’Bryne, Peter Kreuzfeld, Bill Aaronson and Mukesh Sadha, I use your legal names, cause to me you are still a 100% product of the fucked up society you are born out of, you donT deserve the beautiful names Osho gave you..Learned sholars..Haven’t you in all those years with Osho understood anything?Love?Still just a 4-letter-word?! Compassion? “Osho says:.. “Right!! You’ve not dropped sannyas yet??? But we sannyasins and all the people , wether they are aware of it or not,who carry Osho,s dream in thier hearts,will drop you!!! The sooner the better..
I request you to consult one of Osho’s briliant therapists to bring you down from your megalomania trips..You want to be mentioned ,regognized, respected???that’s’s natural…But as curse or blessing to humanity?You can still choose!!!Osho left us guidelines so clear that every seeker could walk this path to is or her enlightentment gracefully, singing, dancing, rejoicing with existence with selfrespect and dignity..But now these Mr.800-Pound-Gorillas, toke this expression from absolute-power-coruppts-absolutly-victim number ? ” Dr” Amrito, throw themselves on the path, mess everything up, create chaos and confusion just because they have this desire to be Osho’s successors, his special chosen messanger..”Nobody can bypass us…Pay us your tribute..We are important…”You bring in your gurufree, cult free,modern conception..NO Guru, you , the salaried employees..reminds me of something..Or is christianity for instance with it’s perverted priests a modern Institution?Oh yes friends, let’s go back to where we came from..back to the beginning, let’s be , the emphasis is on modern, a little dance here, a half hearted meditation there,sheeps again.:Bähähähhyähyähyähyähyes…So you see who is actualy trying to create a cult..Certainly not OSHO..s sannyasins who don’t allow anybody anymore to oppress them again, thier individiality, uniqueness, divinity, dignity and strenght they’ve gained with and through thier master..Sure,there are still the newcomer, who don’t know that a sannyas history is repeating its self, the “butter on our bread”people, another quote from Doctor Sick..sorry but roses have thorns too and maybe you are not realising anymore how much you have, and still are harming the people of yur master..You had my love and my trust, Amrito,but maybe just ” thorns on your way” can wake you and your companions, up from your power intoxicated sleep.
Well beloveds, as one of my friends always used to shout:WATCH IIIIIIINNNNN & OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT !!!
your rose

place: from Berlin
name: a mystice rose

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