Sept. 5,

I applaud Anunado for writing a letter in a spirit of encouraging good will to each other by promoting discussion between the IC and sannyasins at large. I think though what has happened though is that many sannyasins have already attempted for a long time to have meaningful discussions with the IC but failed. This letter gives the idea that BOTH the IC and sannyasins outside the IC are at fault with non-communication. I think that this is mostly false because many sannyasins tried to have a dialogue with the IC. I feel that it is naive to think that the IC are willing to engage themselves in free discussions with others. One may think that Satya’s response to Anunado’s letter is sarcastic but to me it sums up what I think that the IC REALLY feels towards other sannyasins. So to me, it would be foolhardy to think that meaningful discussions can take place with the IC.

place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
name: Sw. Dhyan Akaam

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