The Times of India: Pune Times (September 15, 2000)

Swami Chaitanya Keerti
Former spokesperson of the Osho Commune

On his quiet departure from Pune and the ongoing tussle at the commune.

Why was your move to Delhi so silent? Was it because of internal strife?

My exit was quiet because I am basically a shy person. I did not want to create scenes and attract undue attention. However, internal strife did play a role. I had questioned the inner circle in writing about the flight of copyrights in early 1999 itself, but never received a reply from them.

Is it true that the inner circle termed you as a “former employee” when they slammed a case against you for planning to start a website?

Yes, they did term me a “former employee”. I was very hurt and so were thousands of Oshoites. The present management does not realise that they too could be termed the same, by the dictatorial trio led by Swami Jayesh. Recently in a court case concerning commune labour, I have been asked to make my own legal arrangements, when the case pertains to the commune and not me personally. They are trying their best to harass me.

Has your victory before the National Arbitration Forum in USA, sorted out the copyright issue?

Not really. We have won only the domain name dispute which revolves around the
use of Osho’s name. The copyright battle will be long drawn and difficult. We will do our best to win. In our recent fight over patenting Osho’s meditation techniques, we are trying to galvanise support of US-based Oshoites, as only they can file cases in that country.

Are you confident of getting Jayesh and the inner circle to see your point of view?

If they use Osho’s spirit, this whole argument can be sorted out in one day. But they are not ready to do that. Fortunately, the majority of Oshoites are loving people who are ready to support the Friends of Osho International team to take on the inner circle led by Jayesh.
-Rahul Chandawarkar

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