The disciple who failed

Indian Express, August 11

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

Apropos Mahesh Bhatt’s article,’The spirituality supermarket’ (IE, July 31), Bhatt came to Osho after going through drug experiences and hallucinations under the effect of LSD. Unfortunately, he did not spend much time with Osho to detox himself, so he seems to remain stuck with the effect of the drugs to this day.

He also continues to suffer from some itch and whenever he gets a chance he starts condemning Osho. One thing he refuses to do is recognise his own inability to understand Osho, who is widely recognised as the Enlightened One, the modern Buddha by the world’s intelligentsia. The fact that Osho’s works continue to be published in 90 languages of the world is proof enough. And it is not just disciples who are publishing Osho books – mainstream publishers are doing so. In India, these include Penguin India, Rupa & Co, Full Circle, Jaico, New Age, Sterling and Diamond Pocket Books. You find Osho books everywhere. Music Today, Sony, Maganasound, BMG Crescendo, HMV and several other recording companies are publishing and distributing Osho discourses. Why are they not listening to Mahesh Bhatt’s wisdom instead?

The dialogue with Osho in Bhatt’s article emerges out of hallucinations because we don’t have a recording of such a dialogue anywhere and everybody knows that we were recording everything Osho uttered. Bhatt did not confront Osho. The case was different: Osho did not wish to waste his time with a fake intellectual. Bhatt seems to be carrying some wounds which need healing. He should be advised to expose them to the sun so that they can heal.

Osho is not a God That Failed. Mahesh Bhatt is certainly a Disciple That Failed. He could never become a devotee.

This was something that Osho recognised and we quote from one of the discourses (Death is Divine; Chapter 10; ‘Music, the easiest method of meditation’; 10 October 1978): ”Mahesh never grew beyond the status of student. He had come out of curiosity. He had come only with Vijayananda and he left with him too. Coming was a mere accident. He never came, never left. By my account he never came nor left. I never counted on anything from Mahesh. There is no need to keep account of such people. They are scraps of wood floating in the river. If it sticks on the shore and the shore starts thinking that he has come in search of me it will be wrong. A gust of wind will come and the wood will flow away. He had come with Vijayananda. When I gave sannyas to Mahesh, Vijayananda was present. Before giving sannyas to Mahesh I said, “Vijayananda, you also come close, so there is support…” I seated Vijayananda close by, just at Mahesh’s side and Vijayananda put his hand on his back, then I gave him sannyas. I didn’tknow Mahesh, whether he has any worth, whether he came out of any enquiry. What happened, happened with Vijayananda… He is Vijayananda’s disciple not mine. So naturally when Vijayananda leaves, Mahesh will also leave. He is of no value. He was never going to go beyond the status of student.”

To Mahesh Bhatt we want to say: Thanks for your advice about marketing Osho, but we don’t need it. Osho’s magic is eternal. It is going to stay for thousands of years. Buddha’s wisdom and compassion did not need any marketing – and it is there even after 2,500 years. So is the case with Osho. His revolution of religiousness is going to touch the whole of humanity on an unimaginable scale. Just come out of the toxic effect of LSD and you will taste the real nectar in Osho. A few Osho disciples out of millions going astray in the big bad world of copyrights, royalties and trademarks should not contaminate your consciousness and blur your vision. It is their mess and they will sort it out themselves. You should relax.

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