A new joke about Mulla Nasrudin

He is a modern man now and has moved into an appartment house in the city. After moving in, he buys himself a new wallpainting and takes it home. When he wants to hang it on the wall he realises that he has got the nail but no hammer. So he wonders what to do.
His neighbour certainly has a hammer as he had just been renovating his house but Nasruddin is not sure about the man. He has met him few times, but he never said hallo to Nasrudin. A few days ago he even met him in the supermarket when he turned around, pretending not to have seen Nasrudin. So, Nasrudin wonders that this man seems not to like him and it may not be appropriate to ask him for the hammer. He keeps thinking about it the whole evening and even in the night he keeps wondering what to do.
Finally, the next morning, Nasrudin gets up frustrated and leaves his house for work. Outside he runs into his neighbour and before the man could say anything Nasrudin shouts at him: “You can keep your fucking hammer for yourself, I don’t want it anymore!”

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