From Sarita and Geho

This is not an Osho joke but we know he would love it so we are nominating it as a new Osho joke:

A guy dies. He comes to an elevator and steps inside. He is dismayed to see that it is moving downwards. He knows what that means. When it arrives, sure enough, he is greeted by the Devil himself, all dressed in red. The Devil welcomes him very cordially but the guy is not deceived by this, knowing that he has landed in Hell. There is a rolls Royce standing there and the Devil gestures to it, saying, “this is your car.” The guy says, “My car? Are you trying to make a fool out of me? This is Hell after all! The Devil says, “don’t worry. Just come for a drive with me!”
Finally, seeing no escape, the guy gets into the car and they go for a drive. Soon he notices really lush and beautiful scenery, lots of trees, rolling hills, rivers and streams, and grassy meadows. However, he remains suspicious, waiting for the inevitable. Finally, they arrive in a really luxurious house with a beautiful garden. The devil says, “here is your house!” The guy says, “My house? But this is Hell! How can that be?” The door to the house opens and outcomes 6 beautiful women, a blond, a brunette, an east Asian, a black, an Indian and so on, each one more gorgeous than the one before. His eyes are popping out of his head and he asks, “who are they?” “Well, those are your girlfriends,” says the Devil. “Why, is there anything wrong?” “No, No,” says the guy. “Everything is perfect.. but.. I thought..I mean, this is Hell isn’t it?” “Of course it is,” says the Devil. “Look at me, I am the Devil aren’t I?”
They continue their tour. Pretty soon they come to a high wall with lots of barbed wire on the top. There are flames shooting up and bloodcurdling screams can be heard coming from the other side of the wall. The guy exclaims, “you see! I knew it! I knew it! Now we come to it! You were decieving me all along!” “You mean this?” says the Devil, chuckling.” Don’t take it so seriously! This is a special place for the Christians because they demand it this way!”

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