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Meditative Art: Art for Love, Meditation & Beauty

Awareness, Meditation, Intuition, Relationships, Male & Female Qualities, Innovative Leadership – Awareness Training for Leaders, Stress Management Programe, Teamdevelopment, Working with People from Awareness
K.I.D.S. = Kids IDivine Spirit
ex-poona, ex-medina and ex-ranch kids, over the last 25 years

Astrology page of Sukhi

Comics site on the world of osho and hes lovers and more
Sannyas links submitted by Devakrishna, mail:

Meditative music site… submitted by Devapath

Architectural Watersculpture: This webpage contains a comprehensive overview of Aviram’s works in Oshodham as well as Germany, Pune and Canada.

Largest didgeridoo site on the net with individual photos and MP3 soundfiles of over 100 didgeridoos submitted by Svargo

Hogue Prophecy – Nostradamus and Predictions for the New Millenium
The web site of John Hogue, the controversial author of 9 books, 1,000,000 in print in 17 languages, “Rogue” scholar, world recognized authority on Nostradamus and the prophetic traditions of the world.

DKwebdesign designing beautiful, and unique web sites that are simple and practical, with exellent graphics for an affordable price. By Devakrishna Listen to Cobalt Ocean and Sambodhi Prem – smooth jazz with bite and relaxation music. Goodtime guitar, hear ambient, acoustic river stones and Osho feelgood music.

Art from the Heart:

Discover the world of Osho, read quotes, browse through intersting links and meet Swami Dhyan Naseeb

Alternative healing submitted by Banhi from Boulder, Colorado

Connection: German language spiritual magazin by Sw. Sugata. Many articles about Inner Circle and new ‘Sannyas-Church’ We are specialists in arranging tours in entire Nepal, Sikkim, Tibet & Bhutan. All the programs & activities of this company are based on Osho’s vision. So we also arrange special meditation tours upon guest interests. Sw. Jivan Avikal, tour operator and travel consultant in Nepal, India, Bhutan & Tibet. online store for Osho Books, Osho Meditation Music, Audio and Video discourses all in english language

10000 Buddhas: A new age website for the people on the path.

Osho Beyond Bondage: Forum for people who are concerned about the direction of the Osho Movement Osho Events around the World

Kiran’s message: Audio & Video clip. In 1967, he became a disciple of Osho, while pursuing the life of an industrialist, householder and father of two sons and a daughter. Following Osho’s departure for the USA in 1981, Kiran sought out a number of other gurus. Of these, the one who influenced him most was U. G. Krishnamurti. Then, in 1993, he began to teach, sharing his understanding with seekers from all over the world.

Deva Sajda’s homepage

New Earth Records: Music for People on the Path. One of the largest distributors of music produced by Sannyasins

Alok Gayaka sings and has many songs to share., which you can down load or just listen. Also an historic document recorded live on the Burning Ghat 1990 one week before Osho went in to Samadhi.

Osho Diamond Breath: Osho Breath Therapy by Devapath and Dwari

V J Kama: music & links

The Nepal Institute: Swami Virato continues to spread Osho’s vision thourgh tantric events world-wide.

Gitens World: Personal & Spiritual Growth: Swami Dhyan Giten has 18 years of experience in individual counselling and in teaching awareness and meditation. He is author of the book “Song of Meditation – About Meditation, Relationships and Spiritual Creativity (Solrosen Forlag, Sweden, 2001). Language: swedish and english.

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