Sites on Osho and his teachings

Osho discourses

Who is Osho? The Sound of One Hand Clicking!

Sex and Marriage Counseling by Dr.Rajan B.Bhonsle M.D.(Bom)
Our Sannyasin doctor shares his understanding of Sex and answers questions.

Look Within! Can the future be changed?
Osho on Astrology – Part 1:The Science of Cosmic Oneness
Part 2: A Door to Religiousness

Collection of Osho quotes and the Gayatri Mantra

Sufi parables inspired by Osho, the most beautiful master submitted by Sw. Jayen

Biography of Osho on

Excerpts from SEX by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho on

Osho – 1931 – 1990 on

Quotes of Osho Following thoughts by Osho from his different works have been helpful to me, so I’ve collected them together to remind me – for my own edification. I am sharing them with you in hope that they will be helpful to you too and get you interested in his works.

A taste of Osho: A collection of Osho’s techings and discourses. Listed in Alphabatical order and with selected topics. An excellent collection covering many of his golden words!

Living Thoughts: A site dedicated to Osho’s and Ramana Maharshi’s teachings.

Osho the Man: Excerpts from “The New Diamond Sutra” from Sabera and Rananda

Book on Osho: Osho Rajneesh, Studies in Contemporary Religion by JUDITH M. FOX

Collection of Osho-Pictures and Osho-releated pictures.

OSHO´s photos and yours sanyasins placed on a brasilian webpage

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