Bad Remembering

December 14, 2000

Suvarna says on the

Well I just got back from a wonderful trip to England, to Croydon Hall, and there I met one of the teachers who was at Ko Hsuan at the time of Osho’s departure. I asked her about the time of the phone call and found out that I was wrong about the time (I did warn you that I had a bad memory). I *was* cleaning up, but it was the after lunch cleanup, not the morning deep clean, and was around 2:00 pm according to her.
Just goes to show how human memory (at least mine) cannot be relied on for accuracy. All the same, I guess my boo boo has lead to revelations of discrepancies in the reports of the people intimately involved on that day – i.e. Anando and Amrito.
Perhaps they have memories as bad as mine.
How embarrasing to have my mistake quoted in the Indain Express as well. Writers to this page beware!
love, Suvarna

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