Interview with Sonal Mansingh

December 14, 2000

“I was a college student when I first met Osho then known as Acharya Rajneesh in the Sixties when he came over to our home,” recalls Sonal Mansingh, “Then we came into contact in the Nineties when I was requested to perform at his Ashram in Pune. He had seen a video of one of my performances and I was happy to perform for him.

“When he saw the video of my performance, he indicated he knows me and I almost cried! Later, he sent me a couple of his books that I cherish with his blessings and signatures. This was the last time he attended his birthday celebrations.”

“Later I performed at the Ashram a couple of times but this event – Raso Vai Sah – ‘Existence pulsates with bliss’ – is my tribute to Osho on his birthday and his message of celebrating and attaining. This event will be held on the eve of Osho’s birthday on Sunday 10 December at 7 p.m. at Kamani Auditorium.

“The seers of the Upanishads have described the ultimate reality as Raso Vai Saha. It is difficult to translate it into English and a challenge for me to communicate Osho’s experience of bliss of enlightenment on stage, to present this ‘ananda’.

“We use both the Odissi and the Bharat Natyam dance forms, create an atmosphere of beauty, colour, light, movement, joy and bliss so that the viewer can experience that which is indescribable.

“Rarely are both the Odissi and the Bharat Natyam juxtaposed together on stage and only I have attempted this. Two of my senior disciples will perform with me. Let us see how much of this bliss can be experienced by the viewers. I think Osho will dance with me on stage!”

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