Come, Celebrate Jesus Week

News Release

20 – 26 December 2000

„I AM A DRUNKARD,” confesses Osho. „You may believe it or not, but I am a drunkard. You can look into my eyes and you can see it – I am drunk with Jesus. And Jesus is a wine; he is not a man, he’s an intoxication. And once you have tasted of him, then nothing of this world will ever be meaningful to you. Once the meaning from the beyond enters into your life, this whole world becomes futile, immaterial, insignificant.”

Mr. Eduardo Faleiro, Member of the Rajya Sabha and a former Union Minister, will inaugurate Jesus Week at Osho World Galleria at 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 20 December 2000. He will launch the latest edition of a book of Osho discourses entitled ‘The Mustard Seed – Commentaries on the Fifth gospel of Saint Thomas’.

Osho takes these sayings out of their narrower context, and blends their wisdom with rich threads of eastern traditions of mysticism, thereby showing the truly universal nature of Jesus’ original teachings.

Using silver and blue colours, Osho World Galleria will put on a festive look to greet the Star of Bethlehem. A group of singers with a viola will sing hymns to lend a musical note to the occasion.

The following morning, the former Union Minister for Law and Justice, Mr. Ram Jethmalani will launch Osho’s discourses on Jesus entitled ‘I Say Unto You’ at Osho World Galleria before Jesus Week concludes on 26 December after other functions.

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