One of the Greatest Communicators of this Century: Osho

New Delhi, 11 December


-Arun Jaitley

Talking about the immense richness of India and the great mystics India has bequeathed to the world, the Union Minister for Law and Justice, Shri Arun Jaitley said that Osho is certainly the most significant of all in the current generation. Releasing on the eve of Osho’s birthday, a set of ten audiotapes by Osho – A Bouquet of Mystics – containing the essence of each mystic, Shri Jaitley described Osho as one of the greatest communicators of this century.

“The number of books he read running into six figures, the command over language and the force of language to convey what his thoughts make him probably one of the greatest communicators of this century. He left his footprints behind in such a manner that his voice containing his message have become virtually immortal for all of us,” said Shri Jaitley.

“The kind of following he commands, the soothing effect his message has and the inspiration he gives to millions all over the world even today is reflected in his discourses on the ten different mystics of yesteryear of this civilization,” he added.

Welcoming Shri Jaitley, the popular Hindi poet Shri Surendra Sharma said, “Osho has become synonymous with love, whether you call it love or Osho, it is the same thing. Osho has taught us to be human – not Hindu, Muslim or Christian – just human.”

The highlight of the evening’s celebration at an overflowing Kamani Auditorium was a dancer’s tribute to Osho by Sonal Mansingh presenting Raso Vai Sah or Existence Pulsates with Bliss on stage. Accompanied by two of her talented disciples, Sonal’s dance portrayed the season of spring with the blossoming of human consciousness into the thousand-petal lotus of enlightenment.

After Manglacharan prayers, Sonal depicted Osho’s poem on spring with subtle movements as if the fresh breeze enlivens the being followed by meditative movements on a sloka from Taitreeya Upanishad. Shankaracharya’s Saundarya Lahiri was then depicted with Sonal’s vivaciousness. The performance culminated with an exuberant song and dance rendering of Raso Vai Sah in which she involved the audience with her ecstatic invitation and brought the house down to a standing ovation.

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