Enlightened person’s sphere of influence

Hindustan Times
August 20

Swami Chaitanya Keerti

AN ENLIGHTENED master is a transforming force. He does not do anything, but things start happening in his presence. It is because he does not exist as a person or as an ego. Miraculous things happen in his presence. These things keep happening long after the master is gone physically, because the master does not die, he simply becomes disembodied. Osho says in one of his discourses:

“When Buddha died, for years his disciples felt his presence. He was with them. In fact his presence is still there, but there are no more disciples of his who can receive it, who can be open to it. The more time passes, the more and more it becomes impossible to contact it.

“Whenever it has happened that a man has attained God, he has become a presence. When he is in the body, the presence surrounds his body. Painters have depicted that presence as an aura surrounding the enlightened person. And that presence has nothing to do with the body; when the body is gone, the presence still remains. But now it will be visible only to those who are deep in meditation, deeply surrendered to the master, utterly in trust – for them the master never dies, for them the master remains always a living presence.”

In another discourse on The Art of Dying, Osho talks about Mahavir:

“A beautiful story is told about Mahavir – that wherever he moved, for miles around life would become more alive. And he was an inactive man. He would simply stand or sit under a tree, for hours, for days, but for miles life would start throbbing with a new rhythm. It is said that trees would bloom out of season, dead trees would start producing new fresh leaves. Whether it happened or not is not the point, it maybe just a story. But it is indicative and symbolic. Myths are not symbolic things, myths are very meaningful symbols.

“What does this myth say? It simply says that Mahavir was such a pool of energy, such an overflowing of God, that wherever he was, life would move faster. He would not be doing anything but things would start happening.”

Intense meditation creates an energy field and life starts vibrating in silence. Anybody who meditates enters such an energy field that he gets charged with the energy and gets elevated. Such a place becomes a place of pilgrimage, a tirtha, and one whose presence creates this place is called Tirthankara. The 24 Tirthankaras are such enlightened people. Mahavir was the last of the 24 in whom this energy reached its pinnacle.

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