Kathak King Celebrates Dancing God Krishna

News Release
14 Aug 2001

New Delhi, 13 August, 2001
Kathak King Birju Maharaj celebrated the birth of the dancing god Lord Krishna with his exquisite poses at Osho World Galleria on Sunday.
Concluding Osho World’s Krishna Week, with his kathak footwork and expressive mudras, Padma Vibhushan awardee Birju Maharaj enthalled Osholovers gathered for this event at Ansal Plaza.

He lived up to Osho’s description of Lord Krishna in poetic dancing, “Krishna is a dancing God, a God who celebrates and is in a constant colourful bliss.” Visibly brimming with joy, the dancer said, ‘All music and dance has its root in Krishna’s Raas, his Leela. In fact, all music comes out of the soul when it is in deep meditation.’
Birju Maharaj was so enamoured by the meditative atmosphere at the Galleria that he declared that he would be delighted to compose a dance ballet on the words of Osho to be sung if possible – by Rajan and Sajan Mishra, who are closely related to him.

On this occasion the doyen of Kathak dance launched MP3 CD’s of Geeta Darshan, Chapter 1,2 and 3 – Osho’s discourses on Krishna. A professed Osho lover, Birju Maharaj said that he draws inspiration from Osho and expressed his happiness that technological advances that are making Osho available to all.

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