Home-cooked food, but no cricket

The Times of India, New Delhi
24 March, 2004

NEW DELHI: For a person who likes to spend his spare time reading books, 
Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani could find little time to catch up with 
the three authors – John Grisham, Winston Churchill and Osho – that he 
chose to keep him company in the first phase of the Bharat Uday Yatra. 

“I have only been reading the latest Grisham novel, The Last Juror, and 
have completed just 80 pages in so many days. Between 10 public rallies, 
five major meetings and at least five interactive sessions with farmers, 
women or students a day, it has been a hectic schedule. Though I am 
carrying Osho’s Einstein the Buddha and a Churchill, I could not get time 
to begin reading them,” said Advani, while travelling out of Maharashtra, 
his voice cracking on the mobile phone.

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