Straight Answers

The Times of India, Chandigarh Times

Rajesh Aggarwal , Motivator and Trainer, On his book 7 Keys to Prosperity 
and Success.

You have always maintained Osho has influenced you. Can you elaborate on 
this influence? 

Let me say that Osho has influenced me more subjectively rather 
objectively. Before discovering Osho, I was carrying too many personalities 
with me; was wearing too many masks. Osho made me remove all of them and 
find myself. He made me realise that if I don’t like a person doesn’t mean 
that I can’t love a person from a distance. After reading Osho I realised 
that life is a drama, we must play our parts and bow out and shouldn’t get 
attached to the drama. We just have to learn how to play our roles 
effectively. As to how I impart Osho through my experiences so that it’s 

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