When the Goldbergs move to Rome, little Herschel comes home from his school in tears. He explains to his mother that the nuns are always asking these Catholic questions and how is he supposed to know the answers?
Becky says, “Herschel, I’m going to embroider the answers on the inside of your shirt, and you just look down and read them the next time those nuns pick you.” “Thanks Mum,” says Herschel, and he doesn’t bat an eye-lid when Sister Michele asks him who is the world’s most famous virgin. “Mary,” he answers.
“Very good,” says the nun. “And who was her husband?” “Joseph,” answers Herschel. “I see you have been studying,” says Sister Michele. “Now, can you tell me the name of their son?”
“Sure,” says Herschel, “Calvin Klein.”

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