A Letter from Kes’shin

January 4, 2001

I am finishing my paper for school. I am constantly surprised at how the universe throws the right teachings at the right time. When I started this, the only thing I knew of Osho was a reputation I had heard while living in Oregon, home of the Christian Coalition. Only when I came here did someone reccomend Oshos’ writing. Even as a Zen student, in Oregon, Osho was seen as a cult leader. I wanted you to know how you helped me.

The reason I wrote a paper on him, was that I wanted to know why. Why include sex parties, why the outragiousness. Of course in the end I learned a lot from this remarkable person. It coincided with my own understanding. I was shown the Nature of Mind. I know who I Am, I know what silence, ecstacy, samadhi, all these experiences, and given a letter of aknowledgement by a Tibetan teacher, and also called insane literally by my ex zen teacher, while being forbidden by her to train under the TRUE Zen Master who opened me up to the True Mind in the first place. I am still forbidden to train in his monastery.
Although I knew all this, I still could not, cannot fathom the freedom that is being given to me. It is hard stepping out of prison, when all identity is there. This paper on Osho showed this so clearly. He is so clear in his message. It is a wonder. I must walk my own path of course, but he was/is an incredible example.
Many blessings, and much love,
Kes’shin, pure hearted one

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