Response from Samarpan

New Delhi (December 27, 2000),

Its realy sad that the long connected people are not allowed inside the ashram and inner circle is reducing day by day. I had never met Osho but I am his sanyasin and my sanyas name is jeevan samarpan. i was and am connected with Osho through his books, cassettes and meditations. My relation with osho is through love not by any logics.
I can see many people who are connected with Osho are through love and now they are denied to a place where they lived with osho for so many years. I understand their pain and no body should deny their enterance in commune. I am with these people and in any way if i can contribute to their work i am always available. Although I have not met personaly with sw. keerti or ma neelam but I have seen them working in the commune during my short visits.Its my long desire to be connected with osho’s work but i have not got the right oppurtunity.if by any way i can be with you please do call me to join you.

Samarpanplace: new delhi, india
name: sandeep thakur

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