Letter from Osho’s devotees in London

Dear Sw. Keerti,
After reading your written conversation with Jayesh and also reading Ma Neelam’s letter, we Osho’s devotees in London were upset and saddened.
While keeping our “Sakshi Bhav” upfront we intend to send the following note to the inner Circle. We very much hope these cracks in the inner circle would be repaired for good and soon.

To The Members Of The Inner Circle.
We read Ma Neelam’s open letter in the Indian Press. We are rather
shocked that some members of the Inner Circle hierarchy are more concerned with politics than with Osho’s teachings and his mission. One wonders whether it is the desire for power which is influencing the thinking of the rest of the members of the inner circle. Beloved Osho was so much against ego and power thirst. In our opinion members of the inner circle should air their differences and grievances within the boardroom and any decision which is publicised should be a unanimous decision. We believe, that was beloved Osho’s idea of creating this inner circle.

The path of Osho is as if we are walking on the edge of the sword – where constant mindfulness is required. We all are disciples of our beloved Osho aiming to practice and perfect constant awareness while living on this planet.
We wish to bring the following points to the inner circle’s notice:

  1. We totally support Ma Neelam and Sw. C. Keerti. Osho’s love for them never stopped.
  2. Osho declared Ma Neelam as his secretary for India. The East-West connection was to happen through Ma Neelam.
  3. Osho has always warned us about dictators – they always come in the path of meditators. We think it to be unjust that three people from inner circle sit in New York and make important decisions relating to the commune at Pune.
  4. We understand that the members appointed by Osho for the innercircle were for life and this was Osho’s vision.
  5. It is disappointing to read that the 21 members of the Inner Circle appear to operate as an hierarchical system. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and no one member of the Inner Circle should undermine any other member’s opinion, and thus no one member should be ostracised as a result of holding a differing opinion.
  6. Osho has spoken a lot on the path of love and devotion. We need single-minded devotion to promote Osho’s vision and multidimensional growth of His work. Devotion has never been outmoded or cultish. New Sanyasins to Osho commune need to feel the presence of Osho. Osho’s picture gives us a meditative and inspiring quality and is there to help all Sanyasins, old and new. We strongly suggest that the picture to be brought back in the Buddha hall and kept there so that all sanysins draw inspiration from the Master. Also Osho’s chair should be brought to the Buddha Hall during White Robe Brother Hood celebration.
  7. We have read with great sadness that Osho’s Samadhi is being used as a room for group visits. Firstly, it is against Osho’s vision and secondly, any Samadhi, whether it be of Osho or of Mahatma Gandhi, is a place of respect and reverence. Osho’s samadhi should be a place where his Sanyasins should feel the presence of the Master in His magnetic field. We suggest that those more concerned with the commercialisation of the commune than maintaining and allowing its sanctity to bloom and flourish, should think mindfully and follow our master’s vision to the word. Osho’s whole energy went into motivating a person’s inner development than a commercial growth.
  8. COPYRIGHT – We wonder why are the books, videos, audio and other items of Osho being registered and copyrighted in Zurich and New York? Neither New York nor Zurich are the head quarters of Osho Communes administration. It is only appropriate that Pune Osho Commune should take out the World-wide copyright of all Osho’s books, videos and audios.
  9. We fully agree with Ms. Amrita Pritam’s statement as published in The Times Of India June 25th. 2000 issue.

We, Osho devotees from London sincerely and earnestly believe that this matter will be resolved in its entirety soon, to the satisfaction of all Osho’s followers. Osho is one of the brightest stars in the cosmos. Let us not overshadow it’s brilliance with our petty differences whether it be inner circle or outer circle.

I teach you a tremendous total yes to life. I teach you not renunciation but rejoicing. Rejoice! Rejoice! Again and again, I say rejoice! — because in your rejoicing you will come closest to God.

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