Open Letter from Sw. Anunado

Osho created situations. From orange clothes and malas, through discourses, groups, and meditations, to the Ranch and inner circle, he gave us countless ways to become more aware of our own unconsciousness. His only concern for his sannyasins was for us to wake up.

What is going on now is the culmination of many years of conflict between the inner circle and much of the rest of the sannyas world. The ic’s basic position has been that Osho wanted things run a certain way, he told us directly what he wanted and we’re following his instructions as best as we can. If we don’t follow Osho’s guidances all the
different points of view will lead to chaos. Certainly, if Osho had told me something directly I would find it very hard to disregard it.

Another position is that Osho didn?t want us to follow any particular “guidances” and to use our own intelligence when deciding something. This is clearly in conflict with the ic’s position and is the root of the problem and quite a paradox.

What exacerbates the problem is that each of us has our own “stuff” to work through. It is very easy to attack someone’s personality ratherthan address the issues they bring up. I have seen this happen on both”sides”. Many of us have had to look more closely at how and why we’ve become involved in this dispute. This is the internal part of the process. Yet again, another great device.

One part of the paradox plays out in the external – making Osho more available in the world. This involves the meditation resort, meditation centers, books, tapes, etc. Many facets of this outer work are not working as well as they could be. The reason is that too much “stuff” is getting in the way. When we work together anything is possible; when we spend our time arguing and discussing, but not really listening to each other, the energy becomes dissipated.

Many times I’ve heard and read from members of the ic that “We’re an organism rather than an organization.” And this is the only way the external part of the work can flourish. It is true that the ic has an almost impossible and thankless job to do. But what I’ve seen happening seems very much like the result of a dysfunctional organization. It is natural to want to work with people who will agree with you, but when you are convinced that you are right and that people only disagree when they don’t really understand, then many sannyasins leave who have much to contribute. This is a great and unnecessary loss.

A solution is not easy. The “sides” seem far apart. Somehow a middle ground needs to be reached. Doctrine doesn’t work. My feeling is that the ic has to trust enough to invite people with widely differing points of view become members of the circle. They must not only be listened to, but if their ideas feel right, they should be enacted. This will entail a higher degree of awareness and responsibility from everyone concerned, but that’s what sannyas is all about.

True, this is a much more chaotic and difficult way of doing things, but Osho never shied away from chaos. How this would all work specifically, I have no idea, but hopefully it’s a start.

Sw. Anunado

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